ebola 3An ABC affiliate from Nashville is reporting that a 46-year-old woman is currently in isolation at a local hospital and that a sample of her lab work has been sent to the CDC for further analysis. Evidently the woman recently returned from a country in West Africa and has shown symptoms to warrant testing.

This revelation comes less than 24 hours after we learned of a similar situation in New York and a stunning admission that around 6 Ebola tests have been performed in New York City alone.

WKRN.com reports:

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A local woman is being tested for the Ebola virus after a recent trip to a foreign country. 

According to the Columbus Public Health Department, the 46-year-old woman is currently in isolation in a local hospital with a potential case of the Ebola virus. 

The woman had recently returned from a trip to a foreign country that is affected by the Ebola virus outbreak.

She is reportedly “doing well” in her recovery. 

A sample has been sent to the CDC for examination. 

It is interesting how quickly the “dominoes are starting to fall” with the potential Ebola outbreak in America. Just within the past 24 hours, or so, we have learned of at least two potential cases, the CDC has given us definitive clues that they expect the disease may in fact be airborne, we had a congressman speak up about the dangers of Ebola entering through the Southern Border, and we have learned of other Ebola tests that were previously performed.

Does anyone else get the impression that there is a lot that we have not been told about the potential presence of Ebola on American soil?

12:45 PM Central. Update from New York Daily News:

A woman in Columbus, Ohio, tested negative for the Ebola virus after she was hospitalized following a trip to a West African country swept by the outbreak, local reports said.

The Centers for Disease Control tested a sample taken from the woman and found she did not have the disease, the Ohio Department of Health told local NBC.

The 46-year-old woman remained in isolation at a local hospital on Tuesday and was said to be “doing well,” the station said.

And From NBC-4:

A sample was sent to the CDC for examination, and according to Melanie Amatto with the Ohio Department of Health, the woman’s test results were not positive, and she does not have Ebola.

By the two updates above you can clearly see that this story has quickly been put to rest. However, as the author I want to tell you that the timeline involved is quite interesting in itself. This story was literally first released about 90 minutes ago. In those 90 minutes there was one breaking report which caused concern and two quick reports to announce that it was a false alarm.

What does this tell me? It proves nothing but it makes me wonder if the only reason the story was released was because they knew this was destined to be a negative diagnosis. The CDC could not have completed those tests in 90 minutes. Ebola testing traditionally takes 1-2 days for a proper screening. Interestingly enough I found ZERO evidence of a press release or alert on the Columbus Health Department website. I did not, however, check the Ohio Department of Health site.

This brings about all kinds of questions. Some are somewhat conspiratorial and some are simple common sense.

The biggest question I have is if we would have even heard about this story if they expected a positive diagnosis. I literally caught this headline as soon as it came up on Drudge Report today and within 90 minutes the story was already dead. That seems a bit peculiar to me.

So far as I know, we were the first national publication to get this story out (other than Drudge), and if not we were at least one of the first. I don’t say that to brag because that almost never happens. It was just a matter of being in the right place and the right time and having the ability to type really fast. 🙂

Does anyone else find it odd that the story was dead so quickly?

Question everything.