Once again, parents who hand over their children to state indoctrination centers, aka Public Schools, are shocked at what they find godless education systems are putting in front of their kids. Latonya Stevenson came across graphics in her child’s textbook that she called “very pornographic.”

The book I’m referencing is called Your Health Today, which is nearly 400 pages long. Not only does it describe how to buy condoms, but it also describes orgasms, vibrators and bondage, something that they could easily learn upon entering their local Planned Parenthood facility.

Something tied closely to the things described is binge drinking, which is also mentioned in the book.

“Our high-school students today need all the tools they can have to arm themselves to make the best- informed decision,” said school district Board President Lara Calvert-York.

Keep in mind that the book was chosen unanimously by the teachers of this district’s children.

Mrs. Stevenson exclaimed, “It’s a bit much for me, I’m not comfortable with my child – I mean, wow, that’s, the graphics are extreme – oh my gosh. They are very pornographic. The pictures are very explicit.”

A senior at Kennedy High School, Judy Le, said, “”I don’t think we really need to know about that at this age. I feel like it’s more of like, adults.”

Good for Judy! These aren’t things that adults should be having to deal with in their children’s education, let alone being confronted with it in real life.

“Those anatomy pieces of health education are required to be taught. It’s part of students’ learning about their bodies,” said Fremont Unified School District superintendent Jim Morris.

Sophomore, Nicholas Loya, said, “Knowing high schoolers, they’re probably going to find out anyway, so it’s better to know from a responsible adult.”

Yes, young people are going to find out about sexual intercourse and their bodies, but shouldn’t they be learning that from their parents? Shouldn’t they be learning a more biblical approach of abstinence and saving themselves for their marriage partner? I know that is what I communicate to my children.

This is nothing more than opening up Pandora’s Box to young, impressionable minds to sexual immorality.

Asfia Ahmed, the mother of an up and coming 9th grader said, that the book is too graphic, but went a step further and actually wrote the author, who told her the book was targeted to college freshmen.

So far, nearly 1,800 student have signed an online petition to have the book removed. Good for them! Where the adults will not lead, the young people are. I encourage everyone to join these young people in pushing back against those who seek to steal their innocence and push them into the depraved thinking that our culture is attempting to drop them in. There is also an option for parents to opt out of the class if it “conflicts” with their “religious training and beliefs.”

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This, to me, seems to be the easy way out. Parents, these are your children, not the state’s. Not only should you opt out of the class, you should remove your children from the state indoctrination centers and educate them yourselves. God gave them to you, after all, not the state (Deut. 6). And if you are fearful of educating them yourself, don’t be, just remember, all that is required is for you to learn and then pass that on to your kids. There is an excellent free curriculum for K-5th grade available here to get you started.

Why fight the system when you can circumvent it by simply being the parent God wants you to be and educating your children at home? In this way, you will be actually undermining the system and educating your children with the values you hold dear, not the perversions of the enemies of God.

Tim Brown is an author and Editor at Freedom Outpost and Sons of Liberty Media, husband to his wife, father of 10, jack of all trades, Christian and lover of liberty. He resides in the U.S. occupied Great State of South Carolina. Tim is also an affiliate for the brand new Joshua Mark 5 AR/AK hybrid semi-automatic rifle. Follow Tim on Twitter.

Courtesy of Sons of Liberty Media.