I am not pro-war. In and of itself, war makes no sense. Masses of people killing other masses of people can never be constructive. It is always destructive: of property, of people, of civilized society. There is only one time when war is justifiable: when it is in defense of civilization, when it is waged against aggression. What is happening today in the Middle East can lead to only one conclusion: It is that organizations such as Hamas, Hezbolah, Isis and Al Qaeda are aggressors against civilization. Thus, they are evil because they do not make war to protect or establish civilized society, but to promote a cruel and dictatorial society based on a religion which is itself a false and defective invention.

It is not merely an opinion that Islam is an evil. It is provable. When a brutal savage man can claim as an unwilling bride, some little girl of seven, then rape and subjugate her to a life without freedom, the religion in whose name this is done cannot be considered valid by any standards of decency and intelligence. Muslims have proven over and over that following Islam strictly, fundamentally, encourages uncivilized conduct and brutality with the excuse that cruel and inhumane actions are done at the word of God.

I don’t really want to have to qualify this because the most recent beheadings and other acts of barbarity have placed Fundamentalist Islam way beyond any sane defense, but I do concede that many Muslim individuals who live among us are peaceable and do not wish to promote or otherwise destroy civilization. I know such people and have befriended them. But those Muslims are not following the word of the Quran strictly fundamentally. They are not orthodox Muslims, but practice a kind of reformed Islam without the primitive brutality. The people I know are educated, cosmopolitan and live by the rules of civilized society. They do not favor beheading women and children or innocent men, they do not practice genital mutilation of their daughters and are horrified by the very concept of so-called “honor killings“.

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But, except for a brave and slowly growing few, these peaceable, civilized Muslims have been largely silent even in the face of horrors being perpetrated by others who identify with the same religion. I am Roman Catholic and I assure you that if anyone in the church to which I belong advocated burning someone at the stake, I would raise and outcry against them. My argument would be that such barbaric practices are not in the New Testament, nor are they valid practices for enlightened people.

But what does the Quran teach of killing Christians and Jews? I assure you, my Muslim friends would not do what ISIS is doing. Yet they say nothing. Perhaps they are silent out of fear of reprisal. But silence is affirmation and will not stop the insanity we now see in Iraq and Syria. If they refuse to speak up against primitive brutality, they make themselves complicit in it by that very silence, just as Germans ignored the death camps, these Muslims are turning a blind eye on cruelty done in the name of the same God they worship. Thus, if they choose not to distinguish themselves from the pernicious horror that Islam has proven to be, they risk collective identity with the the worst of militant orthodoxy.

It is apparent from decades of experience with fundamentalist Muslims, whom we now call Islamists, that there is no making peace with them, there is no curative negotiation, no chance of coexistence. The only thing these people understand is conquest. Once conquered, they will comply with the rules imposed on them, by the conqueror, just as they impose their will on those they have conquered. The absurd idea that we can remake a deeply ingrained theocracy which allows no opposition, no free-will, nothing but obedience to its dictatorial rules, into a freely democratic, civilized society, could only be the notion of an idiot, with the philosophic perception of an elementary school child. When generation after generation has been subjected to the imbecility of primitive, nomadic savagery, there is no hope but to treat them in a way they understand: namely to force them at least to act like civilized human beings, whether they like it or not. They need rules to which they must be obedient, in this case, our rules. If they grow beyond that, fine, but until they have grown, we should not expect it of them and we should treat them as an ever present, lurking danger.

How do we do this? First, we should—indeed we must—allow the only demonstrably courageous army, currently willing to do the job, actually do the job! We should cheer the Israelis on and, if necessary, lend them the money and arms to obliterate first Hamas, then ISIS, then all the other so-called armies of savages who threaten civilization. Indeed, we must encourage the Europeans to do the same in Europe and we ourselves should stamp out all threats from such savages wherever we find them. Western civilization, as well as that of Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere on the globe is being threatened by the specter of Islam. Indeed, our own civilization is being destroyed from within and Obama is helping to destroy it by his commiseration with Islam. We must recognize the biblical edict with one change and act on it: Those who live by the sword must die by the sword.

FJ Rocca