dead men moving at Hamas funeral

Update: It has come to my attention that this may not be a funeral ceremony but rather some kind of protest. We may have received some bad information, it happens, and all we can do is correct it when it happens. I am not 100% certain that it is not a funeral but I am now leaning toward the below video being something entirely different. It might have been spread for propaganda purposes or it may have been a simple mistake that snowballed. I apologize for my mistake. -Dean Garrison

America has a massive problem. It is not often that you see Alternative Media start to parrot the mainstream but that is exactly what has happened in the Israel/Palestine situation. Some of my favorite blogs and sites are an embarrassment because they are carrying the Hamas agenda exclusively. It has become more about pushing agendas than seeking truth. All they want to talk about is dead Palestinian kids and vilify Israel. Though I don’t proclaim Israel to be totally innocent of all wrongdoing, I do think that the other side needs to be shown. Here is the latest example.

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Pamela Geller is reporting that several “dead people” were caught making themselves more comfortable at an obviously staged Hamas funeral. Evidently they did not realize that they were being caught on video.

It proves, once again (and again and again), how much of the jihad Jew-hating narrative is myth, lies and blood libel. They know the enemedia will run this jihad propaganda without question. Watch.

This was on Facebook. Watch closely, or not so closely, and you can see some of the bodies make themselves more comfortable while they think that the camera is not on them. (Thanks to William Levinson.)

The obvious question is if this video could be propaganda being used to discredit Hamas. The answer is yes it could be exactly that. This just seems like it’s a little too sloppy to be real, doesn’t it?

Maybe not.

Do not forget that, not long ago, Hamas was caught using footage from a Hollywood horror film (Final Destination 4) and passing it off as war footage. If you want to see the gore and read about that, click here. The point is that they have produced sloppy work and been caught before. There is a good chance that they really are this stupid.

The truth is that Hamas, who was duly elected by the way, wants Palestinians to die and their biggest current goal is to make Israel the bad guy on the world stage. An Italian journalist, WHO WAS THERE, even let the world know that Hamas killed those school children and blamed Israel. American media went rabid when that school was shelled, as did Obama and many top White House officials.

But it was a lie and we have heard no retractions to my knowledge. There have been no apologies. The burden of carrying the truth is on a very small number of conservative and alternative sites and it must come out.

Make no mistake folks, there is plenty of blame for everyone in war but… American media, for whatever reason is deliberately trying to libel Israel.

Hamas loves it and continues to put Palestinians in harm’s way. They want them to die. Every death advances the agenda. This is just another battle. The real objective is to get the world to turn on Israel.

Why? Well there are a number of obvious reasons but it needs to be understood that Hamas is overmatched. Without foreign aid, and foreign troops they can not defeat Israel and they know that. We all know that.

So they play the victim to keep the “humanitarian aid” flowing. They hope to see foreign troops at some point.

Every dead Palestinian, even if they are not really dead, is seen as more points in favor of Hamas.

Inexplicably, most of American media (mainstream and alternative) is doing nothing but filling the Hamas warchest. Our government funds both sides, but casts the dark shadows and tries to turn public opinion against Israel.

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Our government does not want the conflict to end for whatever reason. They give both sides weapons (what do you think they use the aid money for?), to continue killing each other, while calling for a halt to the conflict. What is wrong with that picture?

America’s leadership does not want peace in Israel.

Actions speak louder than words.