It is interesting — and an indictment of the MSM — that a lowly supermarket tabloid once again has bravely gone where the MSM fear to tread.

The tabloid is The National Enquirer. Recall that in 2008, when former Democratic senator (NC) and John Kerry’s VP runningmate John Edwards was gunning to be his party’s presidential nominee, the Enquirer alone doggedly investigated and uncovered Edwards’ adultery with political groupie Rielle Hunter and their “love child.” For that, the Enquirer, justly, was nominated for the prestigious Pulitzer journalism award.

Bill Clinton & Julie Taubor McMahon
Bill Clinton & Julie Taubor McMahon

The latest Enquirer scoop concerns former president Bill Clinton’s financial dealings with his rumored long-time mistress.

In his new book, The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal Hidden Lives of the Presidents, former Wall Street Journal reporter Ronald Kessler gives readers a look inside the private lives of politicians as told by the Secret Service agents assigned to protect them. According to Kessler, Bill Clinton is an unrepentant and unreformed philanderer with a long-time mistress whom the Secret Service nicknamed “the Energizer.”

Reportedly, a “family member” of the woman has identified her to be 54-year-old blonde and wealthy divorcée Julie Tauber McMahonRadar Online says McMahon has denied a romantic relationship with the 67-year-old Clinton, insisting the two are “just friends,” but the two are rumored to be in an extramarital affair for more than a decade.

Julie McMahon in 2011
Julie McMahon in 2011

Steve Herz reports for The National Enquirer, Aug. 14, 2014, that the latest Bill Clinton cheating scandal has exploded with a new twist – he may have awarded his on-off mistress’ company a $2 million grant through his non-profit Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Global Initiative.

The recipient of the $2 million “green” grant is Nebraska-based Energy Pioneer Solutions, where McMahon serves as an executive officer and director. The Enquirer discovered the grant buried in an official document released by the Clinton Foundation in 2010.

Since FOTM readers have scoffed at using the Enquirer as a source, I made an effort to independently and successfully verify the tabloid’s claim.

To begin, what is Energy Pioneer Solutions, Inc?

This is what Bloomberg Businessweek says about the company (you can also read what the company says about itself on its About Us page):

Energy Pioneer Solutions, Inc. provides energy-saving solutions. It offers upgrades/improvements, such infiltration leaks correction, ductwork and distribution improvement, programmable thermostats installation, wall and attic insulation improvement, and high-efficiency lights installation; and hot water heater, furnace, and air conditioner improvements. The company serves residential property owners and renters, commercial property owners and lessees, schools, and other public institutions. Energy Pioneer Solutions, Inc. was formerly known as Conserve Energy USA, Inc. The company was founded in 2009 and is based in Hastings, Nebraska.

Businessweek identifies Julie McMahon as Energy Pioneer Solutions’ executive officer and director.

And here’s confirmation of the $2 million grant awarded by Bill Clinton’s foundation to the company from the Clinton Foundation‘s Press Release page:

Pioneering Permanent Energy Savings

Kim Samuel-Johnson commits $2 million to support the work of Energy Pioneer Solutions, a company founded to deliver energy savings to communities in rural America. This service will allow customers in three Nebraska towns to cover the costs of energy-smart retrofits to their homes by paying for them with a portion of their annual energy savings. It will strive to fundamentally transform the way energy efficiency services are delivered to ratepayers by making retrofit assessments and implementation significantly faster and therefore accessible to more people. Energy Pioneer Solutions will work with 19 nonprofits and 6 local religious institutions to identify families that would benefit most from saving money by saving energy.

While there is no evidence there was anything illegal about the grant, given the rumors of Bill’s affair with McMahon, the grant is redolent with the stench of conflict of interest.

A source told the Enquirer, “If Hillary runs for president all this stuff will come under a microscope” — as it should.


Dr. Eowyn’s post first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds.

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