agent provocateur in ferguson

In a commentary below you will hear Dahboo77 talk about the above picture. Word from Ferguson is that this man was trying to create hostilities within the crowd. He was said to be acting on his own in an attempt to “stir the pot.”

The man was seen throwing smoke bombs at police while those same police ignored him. With recent revelations that feds may have infiltrated the protesters in Ferguson, while acting as Agent Provocateurs, anything is possible.

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It has also been reported that our own Department of Justice might have a hand in wanting to instigate. They were accused of the same in the Trayvon Martin circus.

If this is true, the obvious question is “why?”

Last week I reported on some potential martial law drills that took place in the area in 2012. Tanks and heavy armored personnel carriers were seen rolling through the streets and it was reported on local news. Martial law became effective this morning as Governor Nixon ordered the National Guard to be deployed to Ferguson.

Is this whole thing an elaborate false-flag set up?

What would be the motive of such an op?

As far-fetched as it might seem, I never say never. The shooting of Michael Brown is a real event which might have been back-ended by those who seek to capitalize on the situation and raise hostilities. Remember, politicians never let a good crisis go to waste. It has been claimed that the man in the picture works for the City of Ferguson and it has been suspected by some that he has been planted as a provocateur.



Below is a tweet with testimony from a local that inspired the above video:


Take this all with a grain of salt. I look out for these situations because it is my job to do so. Not everything is a conspiracy and not all conspiracy theories end up holding salt.

But, with the story behind this picture, it makes one at least pause to wonder if this is possible.

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What do you think?

Do you think that the government, or maybe one of these organizations like the New Black Panthers, would have reason or desire to plant people to artificially create or raise hostilities?

This is simply a single incident with a second-hand report. But often times where there is smoke there is also fire.