crash for the history books

For anyone paying attention to the fundamentals it should be clear that the purported recovery being peddled to the general public is nothing but a farce. Just a precursory analysis of what’s happening behind the scenes suggests that we are quickly running out of time. Incomes are falling across the board, mortgage applications are down, and new home sales are at their lowest levels since 1991. Despite what the Obama administration would have us believe, most key economic indicators suggest we are in serious trouble.

Well known silver guru David Morgan of the Morgan Report echoes this sentiment in a recent interview with The Daily Coin. He warns that not only will the physical precious metals market soon dislocate from the manipulated paper trading markets, but that we should expect to see major changes by the end of 2014.

It takes more and more short selling to create smaller and smaller moves in the market and this is particularly true with silver. If you are not currently holding physical silver, your time is running short. By the end of 2014 we are going to see some major changes with the supplies and the exchange rate (pricing). The remainder of this year is going to surprise a lot of people. All markets are acting so weird it is hard to believe that something hasn’t broken off and fallen into the ocean.

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When this thing goes, it’s going to go and it’s going to go down in the history books of financial annals of all time. Because this is the worst predicament we have ever been put into and, again, it’s the world at large.

What’s this whole thing about, it’s all about the Zero Interest Rate Policy. Why? Because compound interest is an impossibility. You can not continue it ad infinitum. It’s impossible mathematically, yet the whole system pretends thats it’s going to be oookkkk.

It’s so bizarre, it’s beyond comprehension how bad it is.

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In recent days the price of silver ( has fallen below $20 per ounce, prompting The Daily Coin to suggest that now may be the time to back up the truck, because we may not get another shot at investing in this precious metal at this price for many years, if ever.

With inflation rearing its head in key spheres like stocks, food, energy, education and medical care, the trend of rising prices continues unabated. While this alone may not be the driving force for a rise in precious metals prices, given the historical trends it will certainly be a driving factor.

What may have an ever greater impact on rising prices for silver and gold is the uncertainty wrought by the machinations from private and central bankers around the world. As David Morgan notes, this cannot continue on forever and one of these days in the not too distant future the system will come unhinged. When it does and investors around the world lose confidence in traditional paper investment vehicles they will turn to the historical asset class of last resort: precious metals.

The problem they’ll run into, as Morgan notes, is that there may not be enough of the metals to go around because of extreme demand created by collapsing markets, as well as a breakdown in the COMEX paper trading exchanges.

Precious metals may have seen a big drop in price from three years ago, but that may not be such a bad thing. In fact, it could be one of the last opportunities to preserve and create wealth before this whole thing detonates.

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