This is exactly what Hamas-CAIR is orchestrating. CAIR has been exploiting the violence and divide in Missouri for their own supremacist ends. Using the violence in Ferguson as a wedge issue, Hamas-CAIR is tying the faux “Muslim victimhood” fiction to the ugly chaos in Missouri, seeking to gin up the jihad among American blacks and Muslims.

“How is democracy treating you guys?”
 ISIS militants take to social media to encourage Ferguson protesters to embrace Islamic extremism. ISIS supporters are urging Ferguson demonstrators to embrace Islam and using social media to stir up racial hatred and encourage yet more violence in the cause of jihad.

Jihadists are calling for ISIS supporters in U.S. to travel to Ferguson to join protests.

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Evil, brothers, pure evil.

Chilling Sign For ISIS Appears In Ferguson News Report On CNN (VIDEO)

 | August 19, 2014
Now things are getting out of control

During Jake Tapper’s newscast for CNN on the race riots in Ferguson the other night, a bone-chilling sign proclaiming “ISIS Is Here” appeared behind him as he conduct an on the street interview. This is what was broadcast live on CNN:

It would appear that ISIS has indeed arrived, and probably through the southern border that Obama insists on leaving wide open.

Courtesy of Pamela Geller.