foley beijing screen shotIn a strikingly different approach to the threat of jihad terror, the Chinese government wants it people to understand the horror and savagery of the jihadists that threaten that country.

China has suffered some of the worst Islamic terror attacks in recent months. Mass machete attacks, bombings in Tiananmen Square, etc. The Chinese government knows what they are up against and this crude exercise is their way of the educating their people to this grave threat (the actual beheading does not appear to be shown).

On the one hand, the President of the United States is so nonplussed by the unspeakably gruesome beheading of American journalist James Foley, that he merely takes a  break from his golf game (he probably wanted a mulligan anyway) and tosses off some empty rhetoric about being heartbroken and such and then returns to his basketball buds on the green.

China, on the other hand, is running edits from the Foley beheading in the public square on an endless loop. Gruesome? Absolutely. Effective? Most definitely. It may be crude, but it sends a message. Obama, on the other hand, rushes to protect Islam in the wake of jihadi attacks. China is arming its people. Obama is disarming us.

Is the American flag flying at the end of the video a shot at America? Most certainly. But look, we elected that evil clown twice, we have to take the punishment we so richly deserve.

Graphic footage of executed US journalist shown on giant TV screen in heart of Beijing,” That’s, August 22, 2014 (thanks to Christian)

Thursday evening in Beijing’s downtown area – in the heart of Dongzhimen, and above one of the capital’s busiest transport hubs – a giant cinema-sized TV screen beams out looped images of racially charged riots in Ferguson, Missouri and Islamic extremists preparing to execute US journalist James Foley.

The footage of Foley comes in spite of concerted efforts throughout western media, and especially on Twitter, to censor images of the execution. Many media outlets have been moved to depict the courageous journalist as he was in life, not death: a dedicated and respected war reporter.

Courtesy of Pamela Geller.