In a previous Fox News appearance, McInerney talked about Flight 370 possibly landing in Pakistan.

“The fact is, we may even see, on 9/11/14, MH-370 resurface again. We should be prepared for anything.  We should go to DEFCON-1, which is our highest state of readiness, and be prepared as we lead up to 9/11.” –Ret. Lt. Gen. Thomas G. McInerney

In a previous Fox News appearance, McInerney talked about Flight 370 possibly landing in Pakistan.
In a previous Fox News appearance, McInerney talked about Flight 370 possibly landing in Pakistan.

McInerney also claims that on the 7th of September a “major news network” and a “major publishing network” are going to release an “earth shattering” book.


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Previously McInerney has gone on record to say that he believes Flight 370 could have landed in Pakistan. This would certainly challenge my personal belief that MH-370 probably landed at Diego Garcia.

Why do I report this story?

It is pretty simple.

McInerney either knows something or he is part of a government propaganda campaign. The latter might be more likely, but either way the warning should be taken seriously.

It could be nothing, it could be real intelligence or, Heaven help us, it could be a planned false flag. It does not matter. There is the potential that something real could be about to happen, no matter who may be planning it.

With an obvious and renewed push for military intervention in Syria, I would take these words seriously. It is pretty clear that we are trying to escalate things with ISIS and I think most Americans are behind that objective. But is one beheaded American journalist enough to put boots on the ground in Syria or to simply ramp up current operations? Would the American people support that? That’s the question. Don’t forget that it is heavily documented that we trained and funded ISIS and some also believe that ISIS is run by our CIA, so literally anything is possible.

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You don’t have to look at any conspiracy angles at all. Just understand this… The government may have very well created ISIS. They might even control ISIS. But they did not create Islam and these radical Islamists are quite unpredictable. So even if you believe that our government created them, you can’t possibly underestimate the forces of the Islamic State (ISIS) or any other terrorist organization.

Though the likely result of a terrorist attack on the homeland would be devastatingly tragic, it might be curiously interesting to see how all of these stories start falling into place – like pieces in one large puzzle.

If that plane resurfaces and you do not recognize it is a possible false flag then there is no hope for you.

Be prepared for anything and stay vigilant.