revolution loading 2One of the things I am often asked is what event might justify and cause Americans to bear arms against their own government. That Cliven Bundy situation was a close one. It’s a good thing that the BLM doesn’t do that everywhere.

So what would cause a Revolution? It is a tough question to answer without a crystal ball. But with the scent of Revolution “in the air” I will attempt to answer that today. These are just a few things that I believe would start an armed revolt in America.

  1. America was founded upon biblical principles and is in fact a Christian Nation. I know there have been some who say that Barack Obama is a Muslim who is working for the enemy. If it were ever discovered that he was lying I think it might be enough reason for people to revolt. After all, these people want us dead. However, Obama has proclaimed, that despite his Muslim heritage, he is a God-fearing Christian. So I would not worry about that until we hear differently.
  2. Even though Barack Obama is a self-proclaimed Christian, if it were ever discovered that our government, and his administration, were aiding the enemies of America, people would probably start shooting before you could say “traitor.”
  3. Some people claim that we have a one-party system that is masquerading as two. I find this silly. After all, as a prime example, when our government decided to take gun rights from a lot of veterans, without due process, there was a huge roar of dissent from the Republican side of the aisle, if I remember correctly. Until they prove to us that they are not representing two distinctly different ideologies, I wouldn’t worry about it.
  4. Speaking of gun rights, if our executive branch ever went around congress and signed a gun agreement with the United Nations, that would infringe upon gun owners’ rights, people definitely would start shooting. A lot of people think that this happened with the UN Small Arms Treaty. But John Kerry has come out to calm fears and assure us that this will not lead to gun registration or confiscation. No one wants to take your guns America.
  5. And let’s not forget about Veterans. These are the men and women who put their lives on the line so that people like you and I could continue to experience the freedoms of America. If our government ever willingly did anything to dishonor their service, people would most definitely be rioting in the streets. I guarantee it.
  6. If we ever found out that our government was lying to us about the responsibility of the 9/11 attacks then people would be enraged. After all, thousands of people didn’t die for nothing.  Thomas Massie recently looked at those 28 pages that have been redacted from the 9/11 report. Americans tend to assume that redacted material, and black lines crossing through words, paragraphs and even entire pages, would tend to signal a cover up. I’d say that it is more likely the embarrassment of spelling errors. If they were hiding something they would tell us. Don’t grab for your guns yet. No need to get froggy. If the government was acting against us, then Massie would tell us. After all, he works for us and not the government. Right?
  7. If Hillary Clinton ever became president, people would definitely start shooting. Enough said. Well, unless she had a change of heart that is. If she can sell America on her patriotism then maybe not. In fact she has been winning lots of praise from Republicans lately. Maybe it’s not the same old Hillary. People can change.
  8. Had all of these Edward Snowden revelations been true then Americans would have definitely reached for the nearest slingshot. But our government has debunked all of these silly claims of how the metadata is used and how much is collected. It is all for our own good. There is no way that Americans would live in a state of total surveillance where their every word was being listened to or read, unless it was for the common good. Rand Paul is a little on the loopy side. We all know that. It’s not like they spy on us and then lock us up without a trial, all because of the way we think. This is America. We still have free speech here.
  9. If our government ever started to enact a Stasi-style police state then people would definitely be ready to defend themselves. But people overreact. You have to wait for the full story to come out. For instance, we just had this big ordeal in Ferguson. It came out that police were tear gassing journalists. But what people don’t realize is that those journalists were being gassed for their own good.
  10. I think the biggest thing that would make people angry is if the government started lying to us. Like, for instance, Obama said that I could keep my doctor. I don’t have a doctor but if I had one, and could afford one, I could keep her. He also assured us that we could keep our current plan. No problem. That’s fair. This Obamacare thing gets a bad rap. It’s not like it is creating more of a socialist welfare state or anything. It is just highly misunderstood.

I could go on and on, but it is pointless. Every stupid conspiracy that people come up with gets adequately debunked by those in D.C.

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The media is honest and we don’t have to worry about them. If something is amiss they will surely tell us. Like, for instance, I heard just the other day that some people think Obama was born in Kenya. Seriously? Fox News would let us know if that were true.

It’s time to cut these people some slack. If things ever get bad then people will rise up.

It’s not 1776 just yet.

Sure we pay some taxes, and taxes are why our founders rebelled, but those taxes were only raised on those who make $250,000 or more. That’s what they told us. Aren’t you listening? It’s not like the middle class is hurting or that people don’t have jobs. It’s not like terrorists, murderers and gang members are coming across the Southern Border. As we have been told, it’s just a bunch of kids. Just chill out and quit all of this talk of Revolution. Even the Benghazi and IRS things ended up being nothing but phony scandals.

Harry Reid has a name for all of you people who jump to conclusions and try to start trouble. You are domestic terrorists. Now put your gun away and don’t grab it until things actually start to get bad.

Go sign some petitions, make some calls, get involved in protests and write some letters if you are not happy. That always works. The government will listen and work with us.

Please don’t draw any conclusions unless you explore some of the links in the article. Sarcasm/satire may not be my strong suit, as I learned today. A few people have taken me quite seriously. I was being absurd to hopefully prove a point. I’m honestly shocked that people aren’t shooting already. -Dean Garrison