1776 againDoes one wait to call the Fire Department until the house has burnt to the ground??? How long after the symptoms of a heart attack start does one wait to call for an ambulance, when the patient is dead????

No we all know that you call while there is hope of saving the house or patient.

Well folks, America is the house, the patient, and she is showing the symptoms and we all should be smelling the smoke.

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I have been one to say let the processes we have in place try to correct what is happening, but quite frankly, it’s not working. The patient is about to go into full arrest and unless we take extraordinary measures that patient is doomed. The smoke is starting to show flames!

Do I know exactly how to go about doing what needs to be done? I admit I don’t, but we must do something, or face the facts that we will forever lose what we have and dreamed of having.

I do know that as a whole we must put aside our differences with our fellow Americans and join together and create an unstoppable force, a unified front that says “We will not allow the house to burn or the patient to die!”

Patriots this is a call for freedom, a call for a future, a call to do whatever is necessary to assure all that so many brave souls fought and died for does not vanish from this Earth.

It is time to extinguish the fire, time to heal the patient. Take a stand with your neighbor to save all that we hold sacred, be willing to make sacrifices, yes even the ultimate sacrifice if necessary.

Put your computer down, turn off the video games, tell Facebook to take a hike, it is time to get off our asses and save this Country

When is the time???? If not now, it may just be too late!