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Emily Evans was brought into Montgomery County Jail in Dayton, Ohio, because she was driving drunk. However, the fact that she was drunk did not justify the gross use of force once she was brought inside the jail.

During Evans’ booking she was obviously intoxicated and uncooperative but did her behavior constitute having a taser pointed at her face and the brutal body slam that followed?

This incident all began back on March 30th. Evans was brought in because she blew twice the legal limit during a traffic stop. During a search of Evans, while surrounded by 5 cops, police claim that Evans “vaulted herself off the wall,” thereby causing the severe injuries to herself.

What do you think? Did she “vault herself off the wall”?


Evans was knocked unconscious as a result of the body slam by officers. She was left laying on the floor, bleeding from her nose.

“Emily was knocked out. She was completely unconscious, unresponsive, bleeding from the nose,” said Mike Bly, Emily’s Attorney.

She was taken to the hospital and treated for several fractures in her face and bleeding in her brain.

“None of the records indicate that she was picked up by a sheriffs deputy and body slammed head first into the concrete floor,” said Bly.

Evans now seeks monetary damages as well as accountability for the officers’ actions that fateful night.

An internal ‘investigation’ was conducted on the officers involved and according to Chief Deputy Rob Streck, “We by no means are questioning whether there was force used. There was obviously forced used,” said Streck. “The sergeant involved in that was not found improper.”

Streck told WDTN News that the internal investigation found that the sergeant’s actions did not violate their policy on the use of force.

“There are no definitive lines for excessive force,” said Chief Deputy Streck, “We have the right to keep you in there, we have the right to keep order in that jail but we don’t have the right to cause unnecessary pain and suffering to an individual.”

“The video speaks for itself,” said Bly.

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The officer that pointed the taser at Evans’ face has been reprimanded with a piece of paper.

Watch the full video below and let us know in the comments what you think.