isis oil warsIn recent months, Americans have watched in stunned disbelief as the new terrorist organization “ISIS” has pushed its way across Iraq. They have made their presence known by filming their acts of brutality and posting the videos all over the internet. They have filmed beheadings, mass executions and in some instances, they have buried people alive. This is obviously a massive fear campaign directed at their enemies (The United States) in order to force us to submit to them; after all the word Islam itself means submission.

This is the obvious conclusion that can be made as in recent weeks we have seen imminent threat warnings, and even propaganda campaigns depicting ISIS members standing in American streets. Many people are referring to ISIS as nothing than another false flag operation waiting to happen, and others still are claiming the video of James Foley being executed is a fake. This would not be surprising as the global elite have a long history of false flag operations. The question then remains; what is the purpose of ISIS and how did they become such a formidable force so quickly?

Many people are aware by now that the Obama administration has a direct hand in funding and arming the ISIS militants. The common narrative is that the terror group was armed in an effort to aid the administration in toppling Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Of course, if you remember back in the early years of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars there was something called “Project New American Century,” which was essentially the blueprint for the current wars we are now seeing develop in the Middle East. The plan entailed overthrowing the entire region and replacing current regimes with those that would be more friendly to world government interests. Syria and Libya were the next targeted countries and sure enough, it wasn’t too long after Obama was elected that they were looking for justifications to use military force in these two countries.

It’s important to remember the “PNAC” because the origins of ISIS, according to Brandon Turbeville, go farther back than just the Obama administration. In fact, Turbeville claims that ISIS is the creation of not only the CIA, but was also funded by NATO, Saudi Arabia and Turkey as far back as 2007. The main target of PNAC was ultimately Iran, and as it turns out, ISIS was created by the Gulf Cooperation Council for the explicit purpose of eradicating Iran’s influence in the region. Turbeville also claims that ISIS was being paid by these entities for the explicit purpose of breaking down resistance against U.S. forces during the Iraq war.

Here is where it gets real interesting because the real purpose of the Iraq war has been constantly debated between liberals and conservatives. Many diehard George Bush supporters believed full heartedly that it was necessary to attack Iraq in order to protect us from terrorists, while many other people believed it was all about oil. Well, I am sorry to say that, while there are legitimate concerns about Islamic terrorism, the reason for invading was all about oil. In fact, it was about how oil was going to be sold and traded. The U.S. dollar retains its status as the world’s reserve currency because of a deal brokered between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. The Saudis would keep the dollar artificially inflated through the oil trade while the U.S. would provide the Saudi kingdom with military protection. The reason the U.S. invaded Iraq was because Saddam Hussein was threatening to drop the dollar and trade oil in Euros. Also, according to the author of the new book “The Oil Card” James Norman, Saddam Hussein was also planning on developing oil deals with the Chinese. This is where it gets real interesting.

James Norman, as a guest on George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM, claims that everything going on in Iraq is all about a power struggle between the U.S. and the Chinese. Mainly, the real purpose of the U.S. military sitting on Iraqi oil isn’t for the purpose of us developing it, but rather to keep the Chinese from doing so. That sure puts a whole new spin on things, doesn’t it? Actually, it’s more than that. Norman explains that the U.S. is trying to keep the nation destabilized in order to prevent that oil from being developed by anyone, period.

In other words, ISIS is purposefully being used in order to keep postwar Iraq from becoming stabilized. Why would the United States want to prevent a nation that has the potential to produce 115-300 billion barrels of oil from doing so?

Admittedly, I am speculating from this point on but I think you will agree that what I am about to say makes sense.

The Obama administration is the most anti-oil administration we have ever had. They are on a stone cold mission to eradicate the use of fossil fuels as they claim they are the biggest cause of the fictitious “global warming.”  In fact, if you remember early in the Obama administration, science Czar John Holdren said that one of the goals of the Obama administration is to de-industrialize the United States. This goes right along with Obama’s current plan to bypass congress in signing a “global warming” treaty with the U.N. These people are planning on redistributing our wealth to the third world in payment for a fabricated climate debt.

These people are actually attempting to eliminate the use of oil in order to gain control of the world’s population. Looking at it from this perspective, it becomes easy to understand why the U.S. would attempt to prevent this oil from being developed and sold. Also, Obama has a history of making huge investments in green energy technologies, at the taxpayer expense no less. By preventing this oil from being developed, he is keeping oil prices artificially high, which, in turn, would create the needed reaction where people are demanding a solution.

Like I said, I’m speculating a little but by making logical conclusions with given facts. The bigger point to be made here however is that things are never what they seem to be, and behind everything going on in the geopolitical landscape is an agenda someone is trying to hide.


David Risselada is a freelance writer and researcher. David served in the United States Marine Corps from 1995-1999 and the US Army from 2001-2006. In addition to contributing to, he writes at Radical Conservative. Follow David on Twitter.

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