It should be child’s play to militarily chart the course of World War III. The sides are drawn and the options available to each side has become obvious. However, the true nature of our current President makes predictions a difficult proposition.

What Is Obvious Is Not Always True

What team is Obama playing for?
What team is Obama playing for?

It should be simple to state that President Obama has found his way into Syria, and ultimately Iran, in order to preserve the Petrodollar. In this scenario, the CIA created ISIS has captured abandoned military equipment and is raging through Iraq and Syria. As ISIS continues to wreak havoc and cause more devastation, ISIS will ultimately launch a series of false flag attacks upon the United States. A largely unaware public will demand revenge and we will have boots on the ground in Syria before you can say “false flag attack”.

Both Russia and China have threatened to attack the United States if we invade Syria and/or Iran. If the United States moves quickly enough upon entering Syria, through a combination of parachuting  troops into the country and also through a land invasion, the US can install its mobile medium range missile batteries and keep the Russians from moving into the region. It is a fools errand to believe that Russia can oppose an American invasion of Syria, as a prelude and ultimately and invasion of Iran, in order to preserve the Petrodollar that the BRICS are undermining by purchasing oil for gold. Russia cannot win. However, Russia has pinned its economic future on destroying the Petrodollar. Russia will react, just not in the manner that most would expect.

Ukraine and Alaska

putin natural gas map

It should be easy to predict Russia’s next set of moves once Syria is lost to Russia and Iran is vulnerable to an attack by the United States. All of my military sources mention that Putin will open two fronts in response to an American attack upon Syria. The first and most obvious front would consist of Russia attacking Ukraine and seizing control over its gas pipelines which sells almost 30% of the gas needs to Europe. If successful, many of the European members of NATO would be held hostage and the United States and England would be left standing alone. The breakup of NATO does not depend on Russia completely occupying Ukraine, either. The Russian action must only be disruptive enough to prevent gas shipments, through Ukraine, into Europe beginning this fall and winter.

Obama's giveaway of seven oil-rich and strategically located Islands to Russia should concern all Americans.
Obama’s giveaway of seven oil-rich and strategically located Islands to Russia should concern all Americans.

Russia would then open a second front by attacking Alaska across the Bering Strait. Alaska has literally been left defenseless through Obama’s giveaway of seven oil-rich Islands to Russia, the closing of several key military installations in Alaska by BRAC, the suspension of the F-22 overflights along the Alaska coast and the suspension of nuclear submarine patrols along the same coastline. Alaska does not stand a chance if Putin invades Alaska, and he will if we go into Syria.

Red Dawn

red dawnIt should be obvious that Russia’s allies, China and its proxy state, North Korea, will quickly insert themselves into the war beginning with China forcefully moving on Taiwan and North Korea attacking South Korea. Very quickly, America would be overwhelmed on several fronts and would be powerless to stop the march by Russia through Alaska continuing into Canada and ultimately into the American northwest. Simultaneous to this action would be a Chinese invasion of America’s southwest by Chinese troops currently stationed in mountain ranges in northern Mexico. This Chinese expeditionary force would be bolstered by the fact that they basically control the Panama Canal which is a mere 900 miles from Texas. We could reasonably expect to be attacked by air in the American southwest. The American military would unable to oppose the two pronged invasion of the US by Russia and China due tot he fact that the bulk of our combat forces are stationed in Afghanistan.

It should be obvious that the United States would lose this conventional war through attrition and a secondary strategy would have to be employed by the United States.

The Nuclear Option

Since the United States cannot win a conventional war against Russia, China and North Korea, a nuclear strategy would have to be employed. The most obvious strategy would involve the use of US nuclear submarines and the usage of a first-strike option.

The BRICS cannot run or hide from this devastating weapon.
The BRICS cannot run or hide from this devastating weapon.

With nuclear submarines patrolling by stealth, off of the coast of Crimea, Moscow would only have three minutes of warning before being hit by nuclear missiles should the US employ this first-strike strategy. The same strategy would be employed against the  Chinese, as Beijing would quickly become a pile of ashes. And when one adds in nuclear weapons launched by space-based weapons platforms, the US has the capability to end resistance within 30 minutes if they employed the first strike nuclear option.


The course of World War III is obvious and is very easy to predict. However, there is one variable which comes into play and that is the fact that the American people cannot count on President Obama to prosecute a war effort to such a degree that America can expect to be successful. In fact, Obama is the right man, at the right time to engineer a total communist subversion of the United States and these are not merely the words of journalistic rhetoric designed to sensationalize the sentiment which has grown in opposition to the communist policies of an unpopular president.

The United States will never employ a first strike options so long as Obama is the Commander-In-Chief. The United States is being set up for defeat.

The next article will explore Obama’s past and present communist affiliations and how every action he has taken, since becoming the President, has served to undermine the American people and American military might. The Obama treason quotient is precisely why, one cannot accurately predict the course of World War III.

Dave Hodges is the Editor and Host of The Common Sense Show.