On the day after a Muslim beheaded an elderly woman in broad daylight as she was gardening, you would think that Muslims in the UK would be anxious to prove that they were a loyal, non-lethal population. No, instead they’re more demanding and supremacist than ever, now calling for a ban on a cartoon pig. One might think it would be the worst day for them to be making demands for accommodation — right after a jihad atrocity. But it is, in fact, the best day — when UK non-Muslims are being bombarded with nonsense about how the killing had nothing to do with Islam, and Muslims are being unfairly targeted, etc.

“UK Muslim urges Peppa ban over son’s pig plans,” Al Arabiya, September 5, 2014:

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A British Muslim, dismayed by his young son’s wish to become a pig rather than a doctor, has taken on a mission to effect the removal from television of Peppa Pig, the much-loved animal character whom he claims inspired his child’s unusual ambition, according to the Daily Mirror.

Zayn Sheikh’s campaign includes a Facebook page called “Muslims against Peppa Pig“ that features a video – shared more than 9,000 times – explaining his reasons for pursuing the ban.

“Some of you, right, might have seen this abominable creature before, right, this Peppa Pig. Haram pig,” Sheikh says in the video.

“As Muslims it is very important that we do not eat meat of the pork,” he explains.

“It is completely wrong that our kids are being shown these things on TV and my son … he wants to be a pig now.”

“I think that we need to change this so I’m going to set up a Facebook group, ‘Muslims against Peppa Pig,’ and instead, because children still need cartoons to develop their minds, I propose we introduce Abdullah the cat.”

In addition to the Facebook page and video, Sheikh has also collected more than 100 signatures on an online petition called “Remove Peppa Pig from TV.”

But Sheikh’s campaign to ban the pig is facing resistance, with thousands of Peppa fans determined to save the character from the chopping block.

They have even set up a Facebook group called “Save Peppa Pig from Muslim Fanatics” whose introduction states: “Please all you Peppa Pig fans must post your favourite piggy videos and photos right away and save our precious pig.”

And on Sheikh’s own Facebook page, the most frequently posted retort went along the lines of “Just don’t let your kid watch the show!”

Courtesy of Pamela Geller.