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Do you think police departments need grenade launchers?

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Since 2006 through the Pentagon’s 1033 program, police have obtained 205 grenade launchers, 79,288 assault rifles, 422 helicopters, 50 airplanes, 600 tanks, and more than $3.6 million worth of camouflage gear.


We would like to remind citizens of Ohio and the rest of the country: the military gear your police departments are acquiring, such as the grenade launchers and armored vehicles, must be used within one year or else the equipment will be transferred elsewhere.

If you’ve not been paying attention to the war zone in Ferguson, the following image will disturb you.


Citizens have become civilians and we are living in a militarized police state. For the first time in history, Amnesty International sent a team of observers to monitor human rights abuses inside the United States. The National Guard was deployed, and even a no-fly zone was declared.

This is what the NDAA looks like. When the only difference between the police and the military is their command structure, there is no practical difference and its up to us to stop this from happening again.” – Dan Johnson, People Against the NDAA

(Answer: D)
(Answer: D)

Face it. The militarization of the police is out of control and we need to recognize this common threat to us all. Are you okay with allowing this darkness to dominate the future our children will be living in after we’re all dead?

Can we all agree this is not okay?

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