mh17 wreckage

Here is what we know so far. The evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by a surface-to-air missile and was launched by an area that is controlled by Russian-backed separatists inside of Ukraine. -Barack Hussein Obama



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The Dutch preliminary report is in on the MH17 tragedy and it appears highly likely that Barack Obama was again lying, imagine that, to try to justify an increase in hostilities toward Russia. Furthermore, it would appear that the most likely explanation is that MH17 was shot down by Ukraine or an allied fighter jet that was allowed within Ukrainian airspace. Due to evidence of shelling, the report naturally leads to a conclusion that the plane was in fact taken down by an air-to-air strike and not a surface-to-air missile.

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky reports:

According to the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) Report:

“Flight MH17 with a Boeing 777-200 operated by Malaysia Airlines broke up in the air probably as the result of structural damage caused by a large number of high-energy objects that penetrated the aircraft from outside.”  (emphasis added)

While the report does not identify the nature of the “high energy objects”, the assessment suggests that the plane was perforated by “a large number” of unspecified projectiles or “bullets”.

This preliminary assessment including photographic evidence does not suggest that the plane was hit by “one or more” missiles, which is Washington’s official version. As we recall, Western governments as well as the mainstream media blamed both Moscow and “the Russian-backed rebels” and claimed, without a shred of evidence, that a Russian-made Buk missile was responsible for the plane crash.

If you have been paying attention you likely already knew this. The Dutch Safety Board report simply makes it official. We ran a report by Mike Shedlock back in July that featured much of the same evidence that the Dutch used in making their assessment. Here is an excerpt:

Haisenko provides this High-Res Image of MH17 Cockpit.

High Res MH17

Click on image for sharper image, or click on the preceding link for an even bigger image.

Haisenko Notes

  • Cockpit shows traces of shelling, clean round hole, about 30 mm caliper.
  • Some holes are bent inward, some outward
  • Rivets bent outward
  • Moreover, small cuts can be seen, all bent outward, which hint at the fact thatfragments have penetrated the outer hull from the inside of the cockpit.

Bullet Holes in Shell

bullet holes

Now the Controversy

The rest of what Haisenko has to say is quite controversial. Here is my modified translation (corrections welcome).

So what can be happening? Russia has published radar recordings, that show at least one Ukrainian SU-25 in close proximity of MH17. This corresponds with the statement of the lost Spanish controller who claims to have seen two Ukrainian fighter aircraft in the immediate vicinity of MH17.

Is the Russian government more trustworthy than our own government?

In this case that would appear to be true, but you can not always stand on that presumption. Figure out who benefits and that will normally lead you to who is lying.

The United States wants war in both Ukraine and Syria and our government will do whatever it has to do to establish justification for intervention. You must keep this in mind in the ISIS debate. The vast majority of Americans support attacks on ISIS. I would be in that majority as well, but… I am also not naive enough to believe that our government might not have manipulated ISIS into doing exactly what they wanted them to do. I feel the American people “got played” and now we have little choice but to support another war. Obama wanted greater intervention in Syria and he found a way to get it. That is just my opinion.

Think about that as President Obama lays out his grand strategy tonight on prime time television.

The intervention and nation building continue…

ad infinitum…

ad nauseam…

The betting man understands that every time Obama opens his mouth he is very likely lying.

In this case it is worse than most of his lies. 300 innocent people died and there is a very good chance that we were either directly involved, or at the very least complicit. Even worse than 300 innocents who died, is the fact that they might have been intentionally sacrificed in an attempt to gain support for more war on Russia (financial or militarily). That is what human life is worth to this administration.

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Let’s kill people so we have an excuse to kill more.

The scariest fact in all of this is that every single top level government employee, civilian or military, who was in the loop, knew what we were doing. It is not just Barack Obama. It is all of them at the top. His closest advisers, legislators with top security clearance, our military brass… None of them can be trusted.

Try to digest that with your bran flakes this morning.

Full report below: