Morten Storm was a convert to Islam who became a jihadi. Then he left Islam. Now he says that a person who follows a literal interpretation of the Koran is filled with hate. Is he yet another misunderstander of Islam? If the Islamic State is un-Islamic, why do so many Muslims get it wrong?



“Man Who Worked Both Sides Of Radical Muslim Fence Describes Being A Fanatic,”, September 11, 2014 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – This being the 9/11 anniversary, and with the President laying out a plan to get ISIS last night, here’s the story of one man who knows what jihadis are thinking, because he was one.

Morten Storm, a 6’1 red-haired Dane, converted to Islam, became more radicalized while studying in Yemen and made preparations to fight in Somalia. He describes that world of black and white:

“You just hate. As a jihadist, as a person who strictly follows the literal interpretation of the Koran, and it is about the world being split up to being correct and wrong. You are in the camp of the believers and against the camp of the disbelievers, the camp of God and the camp of Satan.”

Storm experienced a crisis of faith, enough so that he became a double agent for Western intelligence, scary, one-mistake-and-you’re-dead duty that proved so valuable that he’s now featured in a display at the International Spy Museum in DC.

He also left Islam and keeps his head down because he knows his former jihadi allies would love to take it from him.

Courtesy of Pamela Geller.