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It is a general fact of life that there are bad people of nearly every demographic, every race, every culture.

There are bad people who dislike the government, bad people who work for the government, bad cops, people who commit immoral acts of violence against people, of infinite backgrounds.

Eric Frein
Eric Frein
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Recently in Pennsylvania, a state trooper was allegedly ambushed and killed by a man who is now being pursued in a manhunt, Eric Frein.

The deceased state trooper, Bryon Dickson, was ambushed outside of rural barracks in Pennsylvania. It is suspected that the man on the loose had a plan to kill several officers, possibly several people in general.

Schools were locked down as the killer is on the loose. A local school-board member,  Annabella Lastowski, said “Parents are so frightened for their children.”

Bryon Dickson’s family and friends mourn for him today, and other officers say ‘We are coming for you’, to Eric Frein.

There is surely much more to this than has been released to the public, but with the information that has been presented so far,  the killer of this man is being labeled ‘anti-government’.

Many, many people in America are ‘anti-government’. Probably more than half of all Americans, and about 99.9% of all people who live in poverty here. It’s quite a natural response to constantly having to deal with the government on a daily basis, in whatever form. Congress has a 9% approval rating, so are 91% of people anti-government? Or do people have legitimate grievances with the government?

Activists, and people who devote their lives to positively changing the world, are ‘anti-government’, but clearly a productive activist would never, ever commit a senseless, seemingly random act of murder like this. This is being said  in case people try to claim this man had association with real activists, or people who work for positive, meaningful change against the corrupt government.

With the level of tension between officers and citizens at a seemingly unprecedented point, it is also incredibly not tense.

It seems in the aftermath of Ferguson, some more officers are being calm and professional, acting like they are being filmed at all times. This has been the experience of several people in the last few weeks.

I hope that the family of this deceased state trooper does not think of his killer as ‘anti-government’, but rather simply insane or violent. A wide range of things can be the spark that ignites a fire in a person prone to violence, but what really causes the flame is the fuel inside the person originally, the person’s past experiences, whatever it is.

However, with the scarcity of information available on this topic (as with any situation like this), will we ever really know?

Either way, this incident is getting more attention than the death of a civilian ever would. This man was aligned with military forces (the police), and now it’s a manhunt.

You might want to stay up to date on this situation, as rising tension between ‘anti-government’ people and police is really the last thing we need right now.

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Hopefully the tension will not build, and people who mourn the death of this state trooper will understand the real factors at play when it comes to the process of a man becoming violent like this; the man’s own personal experiences and mind. No collective mentality can be blamed for this; except perhaps partially the military mentality many of us were brought up in, including this killer.

Please share this with as many people as possible.