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Rand Paul hit a home run with his speech to the Senate, stressing that the ISIL is using the weapons we have been arming the Syrian rebels with, and that anyone suggesting otherwise is being ‘intellectually dishonest‘.

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We gave 600 tons of weapons to the Syrian rebels in 2013 alone,” Paul said, wondering why “ISIS grew stronger during the time we gave more weapons,”.

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I understand many of you (even myself) are wary of Rand, but when any Senator speaks out against the current twisted US foreign
policy logic we face, such as potentially ‘arming the enemy‘, its very important and needs to be studied. Here at The Anti-Media, we’ve been warning you about the dangers of arming the Syrian rebels for years.


Former U.S. ambassador to Iraq and Syria Ryan C. Crocker says “frankly we don’t have a cluewho the supposed moderates are. Some say the Free Syrian Army no longer exists. Even with the extreme likelihood that many of the weapons would end up in the hands of the ISIL, Congress voted 237-156 to authorize President Obama’s plan to arm the Syrian rebels, and the Senate approved the same request by a vote of 78-22. The plan heads to the White House to be signed any day now.

It should be noted that our Nobel Peace Prize-winning President’s war plans faced greater resistance in the House from Democrats (85) than Republicans (71). This should probably serve as a wake up call to Democrats everywhere who are still buying into the propaganda. If you voted for Obama because of the Republican’s twisted foreign policy logic, I’ve got one question for you… Are you starting to see the pattern in Syria, Libya, and Iraq?

letmebeclearIt’s been nearly two years since the New York Times quoted a White House official who openly admitted, “the opposition groups that are receiving the most of the lethal aid are exactly the ones we don’t want to have it“. Yes, in 2014, ‘the ones we don’t want to have it‘ would be the ISIL.

What the hell are we doing in Syria by arming, training and now bombing (while we are still arming) the same Syrian rebels Assad has been fighting (while threatening to bomb Assad for bombing) all along?  What kind of outcome are the ‘experts‘ expecting from all of these interventions? This is truly insane!

If there is one thing we know for sure, it is that arming and training the ISIL’s friends to combat the ISIL’s enemy will never work. Do you have any idea the level of chaos this scenario would unleash upon the region?


At the same time as the sudden emergence of the ISIL, the White House has been hell bent on trying to blame the Russian government for the destabilization of Ukraine, while ignoring facts on the ground which show the Ukrainian regime is guilty of terrorizing its own citizens, committing war crimes and even killing women and children. If you’re an American and you question anything about this (even if you work for the AP), you are clearly brainwashed by Russian propaganda. During Poroshenko’s trip to the US urging Congress to provide lethal military aid to Ukraine, he actually had the nerve to compare Ukraine to Israel, as if  ‘genocide was okay‘  in certain circumstances.

Somehow Poroshenko thinks his ‘anti-terror operation‘ and murder of East Ukrainians is justified because like Israel, Ukraine has the ‘right to defend itself. Wow!

It’s ‘intellectually dishonest‘ to suggest arming the Syrian rebels will work to combat the ISIL. We’ve already tried arming the Syrian rebels and it actually strengthened the ISIL immensely. Many of the Syrian rebels ARE the ISIL.

What will they come up with next?

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