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No congressional hearing. Not even a public debate. Turns out the White House has been quietly working with the United Nations to transport thousands of pro-rebel Syrian refugees into the United States, and the program has already started.

The US State Department confirmed the following in public comments on September 4th:

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1) So far in 2014, the US has admitted 63 Syrian individuals.

2) There are several thousand more Syrians in process right now. (75,000 over the next five years?)

3) Visa records of individuals are confidential. Individual cases will not be discussed.

There is an influx of refugees every time America “brings democracy” to a foreign country.

Who exactly are we trusting to confirm that these Syrian individuals are not the ‘associated forces of al-Qaeda‘? We already know the Free Syrian Army has conducted joint operations against the Syrian government with not only al-Qaeda, but al-Nusra, and it’s been confirmed that ISIL is using American weapons obtained through the Syrian rebels the US has been arming. John McCain has even stated that everyone on Obama’s National Security team ‘recommended arming ISIS, and that he himself is actually intimate with these Islamic militants. What is going on here?


No one can deny the fact that the US, the ISIL, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, the FSA, Saudi Arabia, and Israel all share a common enemy. Even the CFR publicly recommended that the FSA merge with al-Qaeda. These forces all want Assad dead, and they desire a complete collapse of the Syrian government. They do not care how it’s done. The majority of these refugees from Syria will likely share this same common ground, and many of these families will surely come from Syrian territories currently or previously controlled and defended by Syrian rebels, you know, ‘al-Qaeda and its associated forces’

We’re expected to trust these ‘foreign policy experts‘ will perform the proper background checks to safely conduct this Syrian refugee program, you know, the same experts who continue to recommend arming the Syrian rebels in their battle against Assad, even after they’ve signed a non-aggression pact with the Islamic State. It’s now been nearly two years since the New York Times quoted a White House official admitting, “the opposition groups that are receiving the most of the lethal aid are exactly the ones we don’t want to have it“, yet we’re told this has nothing to do with the sudden emergence of a terrorist super group a year and a half later in the same region using US weapons, now calling themselves the ISIL.

By the end of the  month the State Department should have already presented Congress with a list showing the number of refugees it wants to admit into the US. Oh, and by the way, after the refugees are transported to an American city, they will be given medicaid, food stamps and subsidized housing. Special thanks to the Americans hard earned paychecks, of course.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that Cleveland is ready for “a flood of refugees” from Syria and Iraq.  The Winston-Salem Journal is reporting that Syrian refugees have already arrived in North Carolina, and many more are on the way. Melanie Nezer, head of policy and advocacy at Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, an organization that resettles refugees in the US, wrote an article for the New York Daily News in which she called for the U.S. to admit 75,000 Syrian refugees over the next five years.

I don’t know about you, but I think this is something the public needs to be discussing. Where is the congressional hearing? Where is the oversight? Why isn’t the media taking about this? Is anyone paying attention? I guess not. You know, a recent poll has shown that only 1 out of 3 Americans know the US isn’t already conducting airstrikes in Syria. I’m serious, in fact, a third of the population already thinks we’re bombing Syria.


Since the public pays such little attention to foreign policy, what is keeping the US government and their corporate media pawns from ‘changing history‘ to one that better suits their agenda? What happens if they accuse the Syrian government of creating the Islamic State? I’ve already heard ‘experts‘ on CNN suggest that very scenario as being reality. Would that be enough to convince the American public that bombs need to be dropped on the Syrian government immediately? I honestly do not know anymore.

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