hillary clinton thesis

Hillary Clinton’s admiration for Saul Alinsky is well-documented. Among other things she wrote her thesis, at Wellesley College in 1969, on his model of organizing.

However, I have come across some newly discovered letters (via The Free Beacon) that paint a very disturbing picture for me. I will leave it up to the reader to decide what to take from these letters but it certainly seems possible that the relationship between a young Hillary Rodham and an aging Alinsky might have been more than professional.

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I suppose that depends on one’s definition of “professional.”

First let’s visit a letter sent from Hillary to Alinsky on July 8, 1971:

hillary to saul


This letter seems somewhat harmless although it does portray Hillary Rodham as an Alinsky groupie. The only thing that really strikes me about this letter is that she was seemingly on a first name basis with Saul Alinsky. The letter does not start off with “Dear Mr. Alinsky:” as one might expect. It starts off with “Dear Saul.” And please notice that it is not signed “Hillary Rodham” or anything of the sort. It is simply signed “Hillary.”

This letter proves nothing really. It proves that she was excited about Alinsky’s new book and very much a student of his methods. But America already knew that, except for those useful idiots who don’t want to believe that snow is white and that the political elites of the world are evil. Nothing can serve as proof for those people.

The fact that they were seemingly on a first name basis is significant, in my opinion. In July of 1971, Alinsky was 62 and Hillary was 23. At the very least I think it can be surmised that she perceived Alinsky as more than a distant mentor. She saw him as a personal friend, or maybe more.

The return letter is what really caught my eye. It was returned by Alinsky’s secretary while he was traveling. That could be considered strange in and of itself.

alinsky to hillary


Since I know his feelings about you,” said the secretary, “I took the liberty of opening your letter…”

And what feelings might those be?

It is a fair question.

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She goes on to state where Alinsky will be and pretty much does everything but deliver a room key. I also noticed that there was not much delay, if any, in returning the letter. It might have been replied to as soon as it was received. For a letter to take 5 days to go from California to Chicago is not out of the question. It seems as if the Secretary may have been on the lookout, or maybe even under Alinsky’s order to look for letters from Hillary.

Considering the accusations that Chelsea Clinton is not Bill’s biological child, but rather the offspring of Hillary and Web Hubbell, I think it is a very fair question.

Am I to believe that some 23 year old student impressed Alinsky enough, intellectually, that his secretary was intercepting her letters for him?

Or might there be a little bit more to that relationship?

There is no doubt that people like Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton were groomed at early ages to become the ruthless leaders that they are today.

But considering Hillary’s reputation I just have to wonder if she might have done some extra things to get Alinsky’s attention.

Sorry for passing on the horrible visual. If nothing else this letter exchange very much proves the influence that Alinsky had on Hillary’s political views. That is reason enough not to vote for here. Maybe he was simply a role model for her. I only offer the possibility of more because these letters don’t seem normal to me.

I don’t think a man that dedicated his book to Lucifer would think twice about getting involved sexually with a woman 40 years his junior.

What do you think?

Am I crazy?

Don’t answer that. 🙂