Pop music is replete with the one-eye and pyramid symbols of the Illuminati. See “Pop Culture Satanists”.

Now those symbols, including the “I love you” devil’s horns thrown in for ill measure, are in a Kmart ad for the Adam Levine clothing line. Levine is a pop singer-songwriter, coach on NBC’s reality talent show The Voice, and a fledgling actor.

Kmart Illuminati

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Source of pic: Vigilant Citizen

H/t FOTM’s Mike and Christy

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Dr. Eowyn’s post first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds.

Editor’s Note: Since the thumbs are showing, that does appear, to me, to be the “I love you” sign and not “devil’s horns.” Honestly I don’t take much stock in this stuff, though maybe I should. K-Mart has to know how some of this symbolism is perceived in the public and yet it has been intentionally left in this ad. That speaks volumes to me. There may be no actual “illuminati” connection here but K-Mart is knowingly spreading this insane “illuminati hysteria” that is prevalent in pop culture. This ad sends a message to young people, in my opinion. -Dean Garrison