Last weekend, Robert Spencer broke a bombshell news story. He made contact with a former member of the Oklahoma beheader’s mosque who described the jihad, hate and Islamic war doctrine preached and taught at the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City.

Here is an extended interview of his initial ground breaking story.

On a side note, Megyn Kelly picked it up and ran it Wednesday night, without credit, link or attribution.  And Kelly didn’t even have Spencer on to discuss. She had Andrew McCarthy on — who is a prosecutor and no scholar of Islam. Very badly done. Her producer called Robert, he turned over everything and then …..

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For those of us who have been doing this work day in day out, year in year out (and in Spencer’s case for decades), this is unconscionable.

Video: Robert Spencer interviews former member of Oklahoma beheader’s mosque

On September 27 I broke the story that a former member of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City had firsthand experience that the mosque was anything but “moderate.” On September 30, 2014, I interviewed a former member of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, the mosque frequented by Jah’Keem Yisrael (Alexander Nolen), who beheaded one woman and attempted to behead another on September 26. The ex-member revealed that the mosque was not at all as “moderate” as its leaders claimed in the wake of the beheading.

Among the explosive revelations: Mosque members said that if Osama bin Laden showed up at the door and needed help, he would help him because he is a Muslim brother. Once this former member went target shooting AK-47’s with two other Muslim converts — the targets were labeled George W. Bush and Ariel Sharon. They were taught that Islam would dominate the world and for unbelievers there are three choices: conversion, subjugation under Islamic hegemony, or death. The ex-member got this straight from the “moderate” imam Soheib Webb, now of the Islamic Society of Boston, the Tsarnaev brothers’ mosque.


Courtesy of Pamela Geller.