This bit of information was buried within a CNN article about Thomas Duncan’s death from Ebola yesterday…

Meanwhile, Frederic Vincent, a spokesman for the European Commission, told CNN on Wednesday that there have been eight confirmed cases of Ebola in European countries. There is one case in the United Kingdom that has been treated and the person has recovered; one case in France like that; two cases in Germany in which patients are receiving treatment; and three cases in Spain: two deceased Spanish missionaries and a nurse’s assistant who is being treated.

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There is also a case in which a Norwegian staffer with Doctors Without Borders is being treated, he said.

Also in Spain, health officials said four more potential Ebola cases — in addition to the nurse’s assistant — are under observation.

UPDATE: Due to the fact that the CNN article above was edited to remove the section quoted, I have relinked it to a Fox8 Cleveland article which directly quotes the same CNN passage that has now been deleted. I am linking it to a cached page in case this one gets deleted too.

Here is the Fox8 link, in which CNN was quoted: CDC announces new protection measures after first U.S. Ebola death

Here is a screen shot of that page, just in case:

CNN page Europe cases


UPDATE: Screen shots from CNN’s cached page:

CNN one


CNN two

Eight confirmed cases of Ebola in Europe, and four MORE under observation.

Oh, about that nurse’s assistant who tested positive and is currently being treated…

She said has no idea how she became infected.

A doctor treating her said that she may have been exposed while she removed her protective suit…that one of her gloves might have touched her face.

Are “health officials” still going to keep telling us this virus is hard to catch?

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