Massie accuses administration of allowing infected illegals to swarm America

Black Conservative Leader: Obama Could Declare Martial Law, Cancel 2016 Elections
Image Credits: U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kevin S. O’Brien

Black conservative leader Mychal Massie warns that a pandemic caused by the Obama administration’s failure to secure the borders could lead to martial law being declared and the 2016 elections being cancelled.

In an article for WND, Massie, former chairman of the National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives-Project 21 and a nationwide media pundit, accuses the White House of lying to the American people about the threat posed by illegal aliens crossing the border with infectious diseases.

Complaining that Obama is working hand in hand with establishment Republicans like John Boehner and Karl Rove to “destroy America,” Massie accuses the President of providing “safe harbor for disease-carrying illegal aliens” who are contributing to the resurgence of illnesses like polio, tuberculosis, and measles.

“Every person should be demanding Obama be made to answer why he has provided safe harbor for disease-carrying illegal aliens, diseases that have already resulted in loss of life of American children. Why is Congress silent? Where is the concern for We the People that Republicans want us to believe they have for America?” asks Massie.

The columnist goes on to suggest that such crises could build to the point where they may threaten the 2016 election.

“What could be more economically devastating than a disease pandemic and martial law to prevent a run on banks and to allow government-controlled media blackouts?” writes Massie.

In addition to the threat posed by more common diseases, hundreds of illegal aliens from Ebola-hit countries have been caught crossing the southern border in the last few months, according to National Border Patrol Council spokesman Chris Cabrera.

Former Border Patrol Agent Zach Taylor also revealed that the CDC is working with Border Patrol authorities and the Department of Homeland Security to disappear potential Ebola victims attempting to cross the border into the United States.

Massie’s comments echo those of GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson, who told Fox News last month that the 2016 elections could be put on hold due to “anarchy” sweeping the country as a result of the Obama administration’s policies.

Several other pundits have also speculated that Obama could move to cancel the presidential election, including author Erik Rush, who told Alan Colmes last year that there’s a 50% chance Obama will become a dictator and stay in office indefinitely.

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