matt drudgeWhen Matt Drudge deletes all updates and refreshes his Twitter account it makes news. For instance, on May 18th The Blaze reported:

Internet news mogul Matt Drudge displayed some unusual behavior on Twitter Saturday night, commenting on today’s digital culture before deleting all of his tweets.

The Drudge Report founder tweeted that “in this manic Digital Age” it is “vital” for individuals to “constantly” clear the mind.

Then, Drudge proceeded to delete all of his former tweets, leaving just that one standing.

The above tweet is no longer standing, but Matt Drudge has left only a single-standing tweet once again.

This message apparently sums up his advice for dealing with Ebola and does not leave much room for interpretation.


Pretty straight forward.

In light of the recent display of total incompetence by government officials, this should be considered common sense advice. Americans were screaming for banned flights to and from Africa while the CDC told a nurse with a low-grade fever, who had treated Thomas Duncan, that there was nothing wrong with hopping on a plane and going to Cleveland.

We have now learned that the 2-21 day incubation period is a lie. We have learned that there are no protocols in place. We have learned that most hospitals are not ready for Ebola and likely not funded well enough to get ready. Obama refuses to take basic steps to stop or slow down the spread, the CDC director is a verified nut job and there are no good solutions to be found.

There is only one thing left to say, and Matt Drudge has said it:


Many Americans probably don’t know where to start. I would suggest reading Daisy Luther’s updated article on how to put your family into a self-imposed Ebola lockdown.