Polls are indicating that the American people are losing, or have lost faith in their government officials to effectively manage the Ebola crisis. Recent polls have found that half of Americans believe the U.S. government is hiding information about the Ebola outbreak. Of all the polls, a Fox News poll is the most revealing when it comes to understanding America’s mindset when it comes to the public’s lack of faith and belief in their elected officials to tell them the truth about Ebola.

The Fox News poll, which was conducted earlier this week, found that 68% of likely voters are concerned about Ebola spreading throughout the country. The poll further revealed that the Obama administration should ban all flights coming in from Ebola-hit countries. This is something that I first called for in early June well before anyone had heard of Thomas Duncan.

Further results of the poll reveal that Americans are evenly split on the question of how truthful the White House is in telling the public about the Ebola virus. This stunning fact reveals how many of the American sheep have actually awakened to the duplicity coming out the White House and CDC director Dr. Thomas Frieden’s mouth.

More Ammunition for the Awakening Sheep

Some of the sheep are actually waking up.
Some of the sheep are actually waking up.
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It is abundantly clear that this current President and the present CDC Director, Dr. Thomas Frieden, don’t know Ebola from Shinola. The lies, duplicity and downright  incompetence coming out of this administration would be laughable if so many people were not already dying as a result of the incompetence and criminal negligence emanating from the White House.

Frieden the Moron

I hope for the sake of his previous patients that Thomas Frieden was a more competent doctor than he is proving to be an incompetent liar as the director of the CDC.

When the Ebola crisis escaped any possibility of containment in West Africa, last Spring, the FIRST thing that the Obama administration officials (e.g. Dr. Frieden, the director of the CDC) should have done was to ban all direct and indirect air travel from West Africa. Even the sheep of America, referenced in the above Fox News poll understand the necessity of that move. And despite the fact that the administration has been shown the error of their ways as evidenced by the fact that U.S. Ebola patient zero, the late Thomas Duncan, demonstrated the failure of Obama’s minions in dealing with the present crisis.

Did Dr. Frieden learn from his mistake by not closing the airports to travelers from West Africa? Well, not exactly as sometimes stupidity gets compounded by more stupidity.

Frieden recently responded to calls from the media to seal the border from West African travelers who were potentially exposed to Ebola, Frieden claimed officials can monitor such people as they travel into the U.S. But wait, the stupidity does not stop here.

Frieden also claimed Ebola is “not a significant public health threat to the United States.”

Frieden went on to say that “You cannot get Ebola by sitting next to someone on a bus, but that infected or exposed persons should not ride public transportation because they could transmit the disease to someone else”. If you feel compelled to reread this statement again and again, you are probably not alone.

Frieden also reiterated that the CDC is currently tracking down and monitoring those who were on the same flight as a health care worker just before she was diagnosed with Ebola. Don’t you just love this “horse out of the barn strategy”?

Frieden went on to say that “Because the risk is so low, we think there is an extremely low likelihood that anyone who traveled on this plane would have been exposed, but we’re putting into place extra margins of safety and we’re contacting everyone who was on that flight.”

President Barack Obama has his own antidote to this abject stupidity as he said this past Thursday night that it “may be appropriate” for him to appoint a czar to lead his administration’s response to Ebola.”It may make sense for us to have one person … so that after this initial surge of activity, we can have a more regular process just to make sure that we’re crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s going forward”. Why not bring back Van Jones?

The CDC has the situation under control.
The CDC has the situation under control.

What do these people do at night, watch reruns of The Three Stooges? These political circus clowns are doing a damn good job of imitating Larry, Moe and Curly Joe.

Are They Really This Stupid, Or Is Something Else At Work?

With the kind of incompetence and inaction being demonstrated by Obama and his minions, it is easy to understand how rumors become rampant and these rumors can escalate into a new hysterical new paradigm. I am at the eye of the storm of this phenomenon. Yesterday, I was told the following:

  1. A member of an intelligence agency told an acquaintance of mine that Liberians are being flown into the U.S. and are being relocated all across the country. This is being done presumably to spread Ebola. I have no way of substantiating the claim even though the person telling me is reliable, this is not proof.
  2. I was told by a trusted friend that a commander at a major military base has privately revealed that Ebola is an Obama administration false flag event. Subsequently, I have received an email from a party which stated the same with regard to the same commander.

I once spoke at a public gathering and I asked the audience if they could name just one positive thing that the Obama administration has done for the American middle class. I have repeated this question multiple times on my talk show and to date, nobody has been able answer in the affirmative with an example. I am right there with the rest of you. Obama seems intent on dismantling this country as we know it and he is succeeding.  However,  I am not reporting these two rumors as proof of some conspiracy no matter how trusted the sources. To do so, I would need some collaborative evidence. However, it is completely understandable how these stories surface as people seek to make sense out of the nonsensical actions of this administration.

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Yet, sometimes a story surfaces that changes everything

The Most Important Story On Ebola To Date

Paul Joseph Watson may written the most important article on the Ebola crisis to date. After reading the following summary of an exclusive interview conducted by Watson with Richard C. Davis, M.D., a former flight surgeon with the U.S. Navy, I suspect that this administration would move to block a cure for Ebola.

Davis told Watson that he was leading a project to develop a drug called RC-2Beta, which Davis proclaimed was “at the core of our cells to enhance mitochondrial efficiency and promote gene signaling to stimulate cellular self-repair and pathogen destruction.” In common language, Davis was saying that they had developed a treatment that “Killed four of the world’s deadliest viruses in a dose-dependent fashion. The Army also noted that uninfected cells in the same cultures were untouched by the drug (i.e., it was non-toxic).”

This is not rumor or speculation. Paul Joseph Watson has found the smoking gun. This administration does not want to find a “cure” for the present crisis for the same reason that they won’t shut down the border to bioterrorists and for the same reason that they don’t want to close airports to West African travelers. The authorities do not want to come to a resolution to this matter. And why not? To answer that question, you simply have to follow the money.


Over the past month, I have written several articles on the profit motive connected to the present crisis. I documented three areas which relate to the reasons why this administration would stop work on an Ebola cure two weeks prior to the outbreak.

  1. The CDC holds the patent to Ebola and all strains up to 70% of the variance.
  2. The NIH owns the Crucell patent which was tested eight years ago on human test subjects.
  3. Bill Gates invested $560 million dollars into the Global Fund who distribute the Ebola vaccine early next year.

I revealed these facts and more in a series of articles beginning on September 17, 2014 to the present week.

When we consider the inaction of the Obama administration and the accompanying profit motives associated with the present crisis, it is difficult to believe that these events are not being orchestrated by this administration.

Dave Hodges is the Editor and Host of The Common Sense Show.