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Concerns over Ebola spreading in the United States have been on everyone’s mind during the past week. This has largely been fueled by the fact that the entirety of the corporate media coverage has been consumed by this story. With new scientific evidence supporting that Ebola may, in fact, be able to travel through the air, there is definitely reason to keep our eyes on it; but what have we missed in other news while our minds were elsewhere?

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The intention of this writing isn’t to make light of the Ebola situation but rather to shift much of our attention to topics that effect millions of people that we have the potential to change. As mentioned above, Ebola traveling through the air is definitely a concern. However, it is beneficial to bring some perspective into the discussion.

So far, Ebola has only infected 2 people inside of the United States. Both of whom are still alive. At the same time, the United States’ recent foreign policy is responsible for the death of tens of thousands of innocent people. It’s one thing to stay up to date on the developments of a story but obsessing over it helps no one.

Here are some of the stories that received little to no mention by the main-stream media during the Ebola hysteria:

The ISIS situation continues to worsen

With reports of ISIS on the verge of taking the third-largest military base in Iraq, it is becoming more evident that the Iraq Security Forces are offering very little resistance lately in this fight on it’s own. This may may be due to the fact that the US’ role in the conflict is hindering the region from finding it’s own solution.

On the topic of US intervention against ISIS


“U.S.-led coalition jets pounded suspected Islamic State targets at least six times in the besieged Syrian town of Kobani on Saturday after the fiercest shelling in days by the insurgents shook the town’s center and hit border areas within Turkey.”

It is further reported that the fears of anti-war activists everywhere have been realized. US Airstrikes may have been responsible for the deaths of at least ten civilians.

This is no surprise to those that have been following the US drone strikes in Pakistan which, at the end of last year, were responsible for the deaths of at least 500 civilians.

The United States continues to rally support for terror groups such as ISIS with their continued murder of innocent civilians whose families will no doubt want to see justice done to those responsible.

Many believe that without US intervention against ISIS, their numbers wouldn’t be near what they are at this point in the conflict. As this conflict continues, this is an aspect that needs to be focused on but likely wont due to biased corporate reporting.

Ukraine teeters on being classified as a “failed state”

Many experts and analysts agree that there is a possible solution in Ukraine involving Russian intervention but there exists little agreement as to what that intervention will look like.

The role of US intervention should not be overlooked either.

There is an obvious anti-Russia sentiment in Ukraine but on the other hand, there is a strong pro-Russia contingent that seems to be completely ignored by western media. It is clear that the US has certainly not helped the situation and further involvement on their behalf would only intensify the division in Ukraine.

There is evidence to suggest that Russia can indeed come to diplomatic agreements with the Ukrainian government. With the US out of the picture, this trend could very well continue.

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The situation in Ukraine has many layers that are very easy to get lost in. More info on the events unfolding in this region can be found here.

The fight against US spying continues

The FBI and other government agencies seem quite intent on pushing forward with spy programs that target American citizens.

and recently

“The FBI director has slammed Apple and Google for offering their customers encryption technology that protects users’ privacy. ‘Deeply concerned’ James Comey wants to push on Congress to “fix” laws to ensure police can still access private data.”

While Comey maintains that this access to private customer data wouldn’t be violated without proper probable cause and the accompanying warrants, the US government track record proves otherwise.

China overtakes the US in economic power

From CommmonDreams.org:

China has overtaken the United State to become the world’s largest economy, according to new data and an analysis by the International Monetary Fund.

Calculated by looking at gross domestic product (GDP) alongside cost-of-living data, the IMF announced Tuesday that China is now larger economically than the U.S. for the first time in history with an adjusted GDP of $17.6 trillion compared to a U.S. GDP of $17.4 trillion.

In summation, our media has proven that they can no longer be trusted as the sole source of information to the American public.

As a good rule of thumb moving forward, when the US media takes a story and runs with it, it’s wise to dig around and see what’s being hidden in the other hand.

Wil Brown is a National Coordinator with The Common Ground Movement and also the founder of Awakenedcitizen.com. He spends most of his free time practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and organizing with the local CGM team in his hometown of Boise, ID.