This photo is allegedly a shot of Arabs with the entrails of butchered Israeli soldiers.

muslim-cannibalismCertain cultural differences are worthy of the borders that separate them. Do you really want to find out someday that you have been served human flesh at your local diner?

I’m not saying it can’t happen in America, see Jeffrey Dahmer, but continuing to welcome people with vastly different understandings of morality will not help to keep it from happening. We have enough culture clash already. We don’t need more.

A major difference that one might note is that in most nations, including America, there are not generally believed to be entire segments of the population that are prone to cannibalism.

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Some might remember a story from late 2013 of Obama-backed Syrian rebels being infected with Kuru disease. Kuru can only be contracted by eating human flesh and some scientists believe that it can only be contracted by eating a certain part of the human anatomy… the brain.

Syrian rebels? [sarc on] Those are the “moderates” right? We aren’t talking about ISIS. Our tax dollars support these guys. So maybe there are a few cannibals mixed in, but they are basically good guys. McCain and Obama told us so.  [sarc off]

But what about Pakistan?

Does Pakistan have a cannibalistic sub-culture?


Maybe not.

I certainly hope not. It was customer complaints that brought this story to light. Hopefully the restaurant owners did not know what they were doing either. They are all seemingly blaming the supplier.

EP Today reported in September that it is believed that many of Pakistan’s missing persons are becoming the main course at local restaurants in Quetta.

In Baluchistan, a resource-rich province of Pakistan, thousands of innocent civilians and activists have been missing for decades now. The missing individuals have been abducted by Pakistan’s military and associated forces as a way to suppress and subjugate the Baluch people. The actual number of missing people is not known nor has the government taken any steps over years to bring the families to justice.  According to International Voice for Baluch Missing persons 18,000 persons went missing in the 2001-2013, out whom 2000 were killed and their bodies were found mutilated on lone streets.

Amid all these intense situations comes news of human meat being served in Quetta, Baluchistan. In a recent revelation that was shunned by Pakistani Army and no media was allowed to publish the news, in many small restaurants human meat was being served. Hannan Traders supplied meat to these restaurants whose owner, Asghar Hannan also supplied meat at the army stationed in Quetta. The revelation came to be noticed when people from these restaurants started complaining about the meat that was being served was different from usual meat, with difficulty to eat and smelt foul.

On further investigation by local police it was revealed that Asghar Hassan received human bodies in an interval of time, the identity of the supplier of body was not known to Hassan, along with the bodies he received an amount of 1,00,000 Pakistani Rupees to get the job done. Hassan processed meats from these bodies dried the blood draining it to sewage system and process the rest of the body remains to extract meat from his machinery unit. He added flex with the bones and sold the meat to small restaurants in the province.

Without claiming that all Muslims are prone to cannibalism, I think it is important to note that there is some indication that there are many who are. For instance, the Shoebat Brothers co-wrote an article on the subject of Muslims and cannibalism in early 2013. Here is an excerpt:

In the future, the Egyptian Islamists will not only be conducting systematic violence, but cannibalism against Christians and moderates.

In a recent video interview, one Egyptian scholar exposed the high school curriculum coming from Al-Azhar university, the most reputable of all Islamic schools, showing that it condoned cannibalizing non-Muslims:

We allowed the eating of the flesh of dead humans… under necessary conditions. It [dead human flesh] must not be cooked or grilled to avoid Haram (wrongdoing) …and he can kill a murtadd (apostate) and eat him

The interviewer commented:

The book that is being taught to general high-school students mentions that those who don’t pray can be grilled & then eaten

Most people will likely remember the images of the Syrian rebel soldier biting into the heart of his fallen enemy last summer. In August of last year Pamela Geller reported on the cannbalism of Boko Haram and in January of this year there were reports of two Israeli soldiers who were thrown to the masses and had their organs eaten as they were ripped apart.

This photo is allegedly a shot of Arabs with the entrails of butchered Israeli soldiers.
This photo is allegedly a shot of Arabs with the entrails of butchered Israeli soldiers.

How prevalent is cannibalism in Islamic countries?

I’m not about to go over there and investigate. I’m too young to end up in a stew.

Let me know what you find out.

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