obama-ebolaDonald Trump has never been afraid to express his opinion about Barack Obama.

Trump reportedly offered Obama 50 million dollars for his college records and received no reply. Trump is also a classic promoter. Using social media to put these things in the public eye is much different than picking up a phone and making your case, or offer, in a private conversation. There is nothing wrong with his approach, but you must take it with a grain of salt because Trump obviously has his own agenda and possibly still has aspirations of the White House.

As tensions rose on Thursday over the potential and eventual confirmation of New York’s Ebola-infected Doctor, Trump was doing what he does best. He was using social media to attack the policies of the Obama Administration.

Apologize and resign. What a novel concept. Donald Trump is not stupid. He knows it is not going to happen. But he is right. We have a President who refuses to implement any common sense travel bans and a CDC director who insists that travel bans would cause more Ebola in America.

If it weren’t for the “140 characters or less” feature of Twitter, you would have to think that he might have said the same about our clueless CDC Director Frieden. But then again, Frieden is an Obama appointee, so maybe that goes without saying.

Later in the evening it was confirmed that America had yet another Ebola patient. It was reported that Dr. Spencer came to New York City after returning from Guinea. Things started to get more personal at that point.

Obama has in fact refused to stop the flights. Americans are very angry at this point and Trump is speaking for many of us. Banning certain flights seems to be the common sense thing to do. But then again, when has common sense or conventional wisdom played any part in Obama’s policies?

It’s spelled Soetoro and most Americans probably don’t know what Trump is talking about. Our President was at one time an Indonesian citizen going by the name of Barry Soetoro. There is no proof that he ever relinquished that citizenship. Obama’s eligibility arguments are about much more than a birth certificate.

And his Ebola Czar was probably carrying his bag. Obama isn’t taking this seriously Donald. This is just a “trial run” for something bigger.

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Stop the flights?

But then how would we keep getting Ebola patients?

The cat is out of the bag. These patients are going to be arriving here more and more and it is intentional.

As I said before, Donald Trump is not stupid. He likely knows that there is more to this than meets the eye. Rather than ramble on about Obama’s incompetence I would like to see more truth.

America has been set up.

This is intentional.

With that said, you can’t wake up some Americans without using a softer approach. Talking about false flags and evil men who are trying to kill us will get one automatically ignored by many. Those are the words of conspiracy theorists (like me).

So it takes all kinds. But I won’t be voting for anyone like Trump.

I want the truth.

The truth is that Obama is much more than incompetent.

The man is evil.


h/t Birther Report