isis obama shhhhhhMany believe President Obama has no clear plan to deal with the ISIS terrorist threat in the Mid-East, as his outline in his latest address to the nation was sketchy at best. According to Obama, we must bomb targets in Iraq to keep ISIS from taking control of the country. Yet in Syria, his plan is to continue to send billions of dollars in arms and actual US military training and help on the battlefield to terrorist groups fighting to defeat the Bashar Al-Assad government.

Since the largest force fighting in Syria is the ISIS terrorist organization as well as the ties ISIS has with most terrorist factions fighting there, President Obama’s call to destroy them in Iraq while supporting them in Syria really doesn’t make sense on the surface.

Anyone who thinks Obama does not have a clue on what to do in this situation hasn’t been following his actions in this part of the world very closely. In the first place, the President has a very clear picture of what he wants to accomplish and is carrying it out in a very underhanded way.

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It has been just a bit over a year’s time since Obama wanted to help terrorist organizations in Syria topple the Assad government by bombing Syrian military targets and crushing Syrian air defenses by engaging Syrian fighters and hitting their communication infrastructure. This action would have led to ISIS having complete control of the Syrian government by now. If it had not been for the massive opposition expressed by American citizens to this war at the time, Obama would have obtained his objective of ousting President Assad by now.

Since too many objected to this unnecessary war, the President seemingly forgot about his plans for Syria. However as we can see, he just put this war on the back burner until he could come up with a scenario which would allow him to carry it out. The current war against ISIS is his chance to convince the American people that an air campaign in Syria is necessary.

The President’s plan is to make it appear that we are fighting an enemy in Syria, making it necessary to bomb ISIS targets there, while all along the real plan is to provoke the Syrian military into a confrontation with the US. This would allow the bombing campaign against the Assad government to happen with approval of the American people. Same objectives, just delayed to get US citizen’s approval.

In the beginning, ISIS was a splinter group of Al Qaeda in Iraq and Syria. Through American support, ISIS has become perhaps, the best trained and funded terrorist group in the world.

This latest attempt by the Obama Administration to commit us to another war in this part of the world is simply part of the overall agenda of the US to take specified countries by military force.

The agenda itself began with the first Gulf War under President George H. W. Bush, who used Kuwait as an example to the world of what cooperation among countries could achieve. Bush senior referred to this as the New World Order.

Under President George W. Bush, we experienced the events of 9-11 and the subsequent tyrannical laws implemented in the US such as the Patriot Act, NDAA and the formation of the TSA to name a few.

Since 9-11 the US has invaded Afghanistan and Iraq while on a consistent basis we are told of the threat from countries like Iran and Syria. The US agenda to take over 7 countries under the guise of fighting terrorism as was told by Gen. Wesley Clark shortly after he found out about it, some 10 days after the events of 9-11. The 7 countries are Iraq, Syria, Libya (which Obama took militarily), Lebanon, Iran, Somalia, and Sudan. The US has essentially taken Somalia and Sudan since we have such a large military presence there. Thus, to bring the agenda to fruition, only Lebanon and Syria remain, and Obama is working on Syria at present. After taking Syria, Lebanon would be easy since it is a neighboring country bordering Syria and does not have a strong military.

The ruse of invading Afghanistan was only a ploy to begin the conquest of this agenda, aside from the fact that Afghanistan is a perfect place to start a war against Iran since we have Iraq to the west, allowing for the invasion to come from virtually all sides.

An agenda of military conquest rather than a war against terrorism can be clearly seen in the countries the US wants to conquer. If fighting terrorism really was the goal, places like Iraq, Libya, and Syria would not be on the table since these countries have tyrannical governments who kept radical Islam at bay at all times. Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, and Syria’s Bashar Assad would have been instrumental assets rather than enemies to the US in a legitimate war against terrorism. Like these guys or not, they were always fighting radical Islam and, thus far, Syria’s Bashar Assad still is.

Another US blunder, exposing their agenda of conquest and lack of concern for fighting terrorism is the open border policy we have at our southern border with Mexico. If the US government really were serious about a war against terrorism, this border would have been closed immediately after 9-11; however, it remains more of an open border today than it was prior to 9-11. It is estimated by the Federal government that some 11 million people are here in the US illegally via the border with Mexico. Of course, this is only an estimate since there is no way the government can know the actual number. One can be certain the real number of illegal immigrants is closer to 40 million.

What we have here, is an agenda of conquest having nothing to do with any threats from terrorist groups. Thus, when President Obama tries to convince us of the necessity of bombing yet another country like Syria, we know he is lying. What he really wants is to complete the list of countries the US wants to conquer.

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