So as the ongoing calamity continues in the demilitarized warzone militant Guerrilla agitators have turned the society of Ferguson, Missouri into (basically laying siege and holding hostage an entire community with their belligerent acts of terrorism), it should be a foregone conclusion at this point that by their escalating violence these people no longer deserve the privilege of being labeled ‘protesters’. They are terrorists pure and simple. Keep in mind too that these are the very same people whom Obama’s proxy, Attorney General Eric Holder, had himself paid a visit to in the beginning phase of their campaign, declaring how both he and his Commandant in the oval office stood with them. Essentially Holder’s task with this deliberate performance was to further incite and stoke the heightened racial tensions and hostility that had already set Ferguson on fire. For those of you who might recall Holder’s participation in the Trayvon Martin shooting by the ‘white Hispanic‘  George Zimmerman back in 2012, you may also remember Holder’s propensity he had for provoking and aggravating racial animus and tensions back then too.


And when I think back to the days when Janet Napolitano was still Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary and how she tried labeling white middle-class Americans as likely terror suspects, the irony is just…Rich. Now as details have begun leaking during these last few weeks indicating the likely probability of a not guilty verdict resulting from the grand jury investigation into whether or not Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson was justified in his use of lethal force against Michael Brown, these terrorist provocateurs (in anticipation of that verdict) have begun making threats of ‘blood in the streets‘ if they don’t get their way of seeing officer Wilson indicted, charged and prosecuted for the death of Michael Brown. Given the many exemplary examples set by Obama’s own lawlessness, ‘mob rule‘ is apparently how we dispense justice in our nation now.

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Never mind the recently divulged details of Brown’s THIRD autopsy (much to the fury of Holder’s DOJ) that corroborate officer Wilson’s account of events which led up to Brown’s death. What are facts to Democrats and their menagerie of diverse screwballs when those facts contradict or refute their preferred narrative. As we saw with Holder’s initial attempts to suppress the video footage clearly showing these militants Patron Saint himself strong arming a convenience store clerk of stolen merchandise that the clerk had confronted Brown about just minutes before Brown’s fatal confrontation with Wilson, we later found out that CNN had been made aware of this video footage early on themselves. But rather than report that information, the powers that be at CNN (most likely in surreptitious collusion with Holder) decided to reveal the address of officer Wilson and his family’s residence instead, broadcasting its location on national television. So much for responsible journalism, eh?




You should really know better by now than to expect such whimsical standards as journalistic integrity and ethics from this depraved collection of subversive grifters (who would make Stalin himself proud). These shameless hacks are so patently invested in the Democratic Party and doing their part to help destroy our nation as envisioned by Barack Hussein Obama’s “fundamental transformation“, that by virtue of necessity any actual truth which happens to cross their path and contradict whatever warped tale of the day they’re trying to feed their herds of low-info viewers, they automatically MUST discredit and dismiss its source as being ‘racist‘ (a recurring theme used constantly to aid Obama in his eluding accountability for his own conglomeration of lawless violations and trespasses). How anyone can seriously give credibility to these pathological bamboozlers is beyond me.



There’s a lot of opinions about the Michael Brown shooting that have all ran the gamut from one end of the opinion spectrum to the other. From those saying Brown earned the fate he received to the infowars crowd of howling commandos saying all cops are pure militarized evil, dedicated to some big government agenda mandate that involves reducing America into a massive police state.

Personally I think when you brutally assault a police officer then try to take that officers firearm in the commission of a felony, you’re a dumbass pretty much asking to be put on the receiving end of a bullet. That’s just common sense. At least it would be if we still lived in a sensible world instead of this Rocky Horror Picture Show our nation has deteriorated into since Obama crawled out from whatever rock he’d been hiding under to somehow become elected to the highest office of our land with no qualifications or credentials whatsoever to justify his running for office much less actually being elected to it.

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But I digress. Like I was saying, if you’re stupid enough to try and knock the crap out of a police officer and go for their weapon in the process, then you’ve pretty much established your intent with that first blow. There’s absolutely no reason for any law enforcement officer to believe under those circumstances a perpetrators intentions will improve once said perpetrator is in possession of their gun. A circumstance Brown created when he took it upon himself to attack officer Wilson, and in that moment becoming the architect of his own demise.

 Lets be honest too. I’m willing to bet most of these racist nihilists presently in Ferguson right now didn’t even know Michael Brown themselves much less any of them actually giving a crap about Brown beyond their using him for the sake of lending expediency to their racist jihad. Brown’s death is a convenient vehicle they’ve exploited and hijacked to get away with this radicals joyride they’re taking us all on. But I guess when you have the president of the United States and his League of Extraordinary Community Agitators stirring the pot, pulling their assortment of community agitating strings, then we’re not about to see these terror merchants both Obama and Holder stand with be classified for what they truly are.


In this age of ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other elements of radical Islam now rearing its gruesome head here in our country (along with those who burn our nations flag and threaten blood in our streets), I think a majority of Americans these days have a communal sentiment when it comes to the dispensation of terrorists and their terrorism…

The only good terrorist is a dead one!

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