obama-ebolaThis is why my good friends at Fellowship of the Minds call him President Lucifer

Calling him President Obola is racist, according to the libs, but if the shoe fits…

There simply are not words strong enough to explain who this man really is.

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It is no secret that America’s handling of the current Ebola crisis has left something to be desired. The Obama Administration refuses to take even the simplest steps of banning flights to and from Ebola hot zones. There are no protocols in place and American hospitals are not prepared to deal with the problem.

So what should we do?

President Obama, seemingly devoid of all common sense, thinks that the logical move is to bring more Ebola patients to America.

Judicial Watch first reported on Obama’s plans about two weeks ago. Then, last week, Congressman Louie Gohmert verified that Obama has cut a deal with African leaders to bring more Ebola patients to America.

Now Fox News, courtesy of Adam Housley, has obtained documents to prove that these plans are, at the very least, being discussed. Watch Greta and Adam talk about these documents below:

Do you still have any doubt that Barack Obama is deliberately trying to collapse the system?

This is not stupidity or incompetence.

This is pure evil.

They are, of course, attempting to sugarcoat the plan and make the sheeple believe this is necessary, as they always do. Stephen Dinan reports:

The State Department has quietly made plans to bring Ebola-infected doctors and medical aides to the U.S. for treatment, according to an internal department document that argued the only way to get other countries to send medical teams to West Africa is to promise that the U.S. will be the world’s medical backstop.

So they are telling us that, in order to save more Africans, we must put ALL Americans at risk. Is this what Obama meant when he talked of a larger role and responsibility toward Africans?

Wrong answer. Obama’s primary responsibility lies with the American people.

These plans will put every American family at unnecessary risk.

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The man who took an oath to protect the homeland is attempting to destroy it. If our health care system was geared up for this it might be different. But what kind of leader would agree to such a deal when our system has been failing miserably thus far?

Obama is evil and he is trying to destroy America. His consistently bad decisions, which show no regard for the safety of the American people, are all the proof we need.

So what are we going to do about it?