north carolina state fair

The ban on legal guns at the state fair was the result of a lawsuit, presided over by Judge Donald Stephens, who admitted that allowing concealed carry at the fair “may chill crime” but still made the decision to ban guns anyway to fit his agenda because the ruling definitely didn’t fit the law.  North Carolina’s legislature passed a law which the governor signed that expanded the areas in which concealed carry permit holders could take their guns.

Two people leaving the fairgrounds were confronted by armed assailants who took their wallets.  Gun rights activists are placing the blame for the robbery on Agricultural Commissioner Steve Troxler and Judge Stephens.  Paul Valone of Grass Roots North Carolina said:

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“By announcing to violent predators that people attending the North Carolina state fair would be unable to protect themselves, the responsibility for this armed robbery of fair-goers lies squarely with Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler, who illegally banned concealed at the fair, and…Stephens, who willfully misinterpreted the law to impose his own worldview.”

“As we’ve seen time and again, gun-free zones are dangerous places for law-abiding citizens.”

How many crimes do we need to see in gun free zones before it starts to dawn on these gun grabbers before they realize that their bans actually encourage gun crimes?  Never.  If they had that much common sense, they wouldn’t be liberals to begin with.

The police have reported that they arrested one suspect, Kamonti Yasmin Blackwell-Price, and that the investigation is ongoing and more arrests are expected.

Courtesy of Steven Ahle at Red Statements.