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That nurse in Maine sure does love the spotlight.

After Kacie Hickox returned from Sierra Leone, where she was treating Ebola patients, she was outraged when she was put in isolation by the state of New Jersey.  After railing about her civil rights, she was then transferred to her home in Maine, where she was asked to remain home for the remainder of the 21 day incubation period.

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Well, you can’t tell Kacie Hickox what to do. No sir. She knows her rights.

Although she tried to portray herself as a saintly caregiver who was being victimized, yesterday she showed herself to be anything but selfless.

She defied the quarantine and went out for a bike ride with her boyfriend, which was the equivalent of giving a great big middle finger salute to those who asked her to remain home.

And this, my friends, is why quarantine for those returning from Ebola-plagued regions may become mandatory. Because “rebels” like Kacie Hickox can’t be trusted to stay home and do the responsible thing. Because they “demand their rights” and to heck with anyone else. People like Kacie Hickox made it crystal clear that the rest of us must be prepared to isolate ourselves, because you sure can’t rely on others to be responsible.

Think about it: after the case of Thomas Duncan, who has been diagnosed with Ebola here in the US?  Healthcare workers. People who deal with the bodily fluids of the ill. People who are immersed in mucus, vomit, urine, and feces as part of their jobs. Even though the two nurses who were covered from head to toe in protective clothing, and so too was Dr. Craig Spencer, they all became ill.

Is Kaci Hickox possessed of some kind of superpower immunity? How is she so certain she isn’t ill? Does she love being in the spotlight so much that she has no problem potentially exposing her neighbors in a small town and Main to Ebola?

As a medical professional, she knows the potential for her to have contracted the disease. Hopefully, she’ll remain the picture of glowing health, but her irresponsible rebellion borders on the criminally negligent. She wasn’t asked to sit in a prison cell for 21 days – she was asked to stay in the comfort of her home. Her blatant defiance against, well, common sense, is the kind of thing that fuels governmental overreach. This is so ridiculous that one has to wonder if she’s complicit in setting the rest of us up for martial law and FEMA camps, or if she really IS that selfish.

Self-Quarantine is the answer to other peoples’ irresponsibility.

Because of people like Kacie Hickox, should the situation in the United States take on pandemic proportions, you absolutely can’t trust other people to do the right thing. Therefore, you need to have plans in place to quarantine yourself and your family if the virus surfaces in your area.  (You can find the details on going into preventative lockdown HERE.)

This nurse in Maine is our cautionary tale. It’s a clear warning that selfish people can’t be trusted to do the right thing. If the virus begins to spread, your only option to protect yourself and your family is to take steps to stay away from being exposed by their carelessness. People like Kacie Hickox are the reason that we prepare.

Here’s a quick checklist along with some links to resources.  Base amounts on the number of family members you’ll be sheltering.

Particularly if you are on a budget, focus on the first segment of this list. These are the supplies you need to weather a possible pandemic in the comfort and safety of your home.

*Note – we do not commonly use anti-bacterial products but in a situation like this, it’s important to have this type of thing on hand, particularly in the event that there are issues with sanitation

Once you have your basics stashed away, consider medical supplies and protective clothing.  These items are becoming difficult to acquire, in part due to a massive government solicitation. If this is not in your budget, remember that these items are for desperate circumstances.  You’d only need them if you were forced to go out in the midst of a pandemic, or if someone in your home became ill and you were caring for them. This is NOT where your primary focus should be, however, the items are good to have on hand.

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