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Yes, that’s why they strap one on or hack heads off with six-inch knives or gang-rape non-Muslim women and sell them at slave markets and …

In a conversation with The Atlantic’s Steve Clemons at the Washington Ideas Forum on Thursday, Secretary of State John Kerry cited a world of “masses of young people”—concentrated especially in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia—where “if these kids are left to no devices, or their own … something is going to come along and say, ‘The world is disappointing you, and we’re a better alternative.’ How else do you get young kids to strap themselves in suicide vests and think thing are better on the other side? But that’s happening.” (thanks to Christian)

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So the United States Secretary of State John Kerry thinks that young Muslims blow themselves up and take scores of innocents with them because …. they are bored? Really is he really this brain dead or is this just for public consumption? These Muslims are newly devout and they do it to reach paradise. That is why they do it. They do it for Allah.

It is not surprising at all that Muslims in the West would express support for the Islamic State. The idea of a caliphate transcending national allegiance goes back to the beginning of Islamic history. The Obama administration and Western analysts are surprised by this because they have discounted Islamic theology as a motivating factor for jihadis, and don’t understand the implications of the jihadi’s attachment to Islam.

And how does Secretary of State explain the “disappointment” of tens of thousands of young Muslims from the US., Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and beyond — many private school educated from affluent homes– flocking to the Mideast to wage jihad in cause of Islam?


It’s a fear Kerry said he’s heard voiced by his counterpart foreign ministers in other parts of the world.

The fear is pure Islam, devout Islam

 “They’re disciplined,” Kerry recalled his counterpart saying of terrorist recruiters. “And they don’t have a five-year plan. They have a 30-year plan.”

“We don’t even have a five-year plan,” Kerry continued. “We have got to get our act together.”

A five-year plan? We haven’t got a plan for an hour from now.


Courtesy of Pamela Geller.