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If you care about our constitutional Second Amendment right to bear arms, here’s another reason to oppose illegal “immigration” and Obama’s de facto open border policy.

According to Tom Kludt of TPM (Talking Points Memo), an NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Telemundo poll in 2013 indicates that more than other groups in America, Latinos clamor for stricter gun control. 70% of Latinos believe that “the laws covering the sale of firearms should be made more strict,” while just 5% believe those laws should be made less strict, and 22% say they should be kept the same.

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Meanwhile, a more recent NBC/WSJ/Telemundo poll of Latino registered voters (some of whom are non-U.S. citizens!) in September 2014 found that Hispanics, like other Americans, increasingly believe America is headed in the wrong direction and increasingly disapprove of Obama:

  • 56% think things are off on the wrong track, compared to 42% in April of 2013.
  • 47% approve of Obama’s performance as president, compared to 62% in April of 2013; less than 3 in 10 Latinos are “very positive” about Obama.

However, this doesn’t mean Hispanics have gone conservative. On the contrary, they remain glued to the Democrat Party and Demonrat policies:

  • Hispanics are sour on both parties, but more so about the Republican Party:
    • 11% feel “very positive” about the GOP.
    • 13% feel “very positive” about the Democratic Party.
  • More than 6 in 10 Latinos prefer to see a Democrat-controlled Congress, compared to only 28% who want to see the Republicans in charge. That’s because:
    • 53% of Latinos think the Democratic Party looks out for the interests of women, compared to 11% who say that about Republicans.
    • 41% of Latinos think the Democratic party looks out for their interests on immigration, as opposed to 19% who favor the Republican party.
  • Hispanics also prefer potential Democrat presidential candidates in 2016:
    • 35% are “very positive” about Hillary Clinton.
    • Only 8% and 6% are “very positive” about Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, respectively.

All of the above is made worse by the fact that non-U.S. citizens are illicitly voting and skewing election results. That means the only way we overcome their voter fraud is by turning out in MASSIVE numbers on November 4.



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Dr. Eowyn’s post first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds.