‘Selfie’ taken by Mars Curiosity Rover after landing on the planet

Is what you are about to see simply an anomaly of the light? An imprint from NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover vehicle or is it something else entirely?

We know that spontaneous images that we can liken to things we are familiar with do occur…Christ like images on trees and even in vegetables, for example.

Even the clouds sometimes bear a striking resemblance to everyday objects or animals.

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Rarely though do any of these images resemble some form of technology of any description. No one to our knowledge has reported seeing a car engine in the clouds or the likeness of a computer on a slice of toast.

Curiosity has been sending pictures back from Mars and on one of them is something that bears a startling resemblance to a valve.

Have a look at this and decide for yourself.

Video via enigmadigest

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