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Please notice the above reference “Freeing America One Enslaved Mind At A Time.” This is the key which could help people attain control over their thoughts, beliefs and ultimately their salvation. I do not have any hope that we can save the United States from the self-destructive course it is presently embarked upon. However, we in the Independent Media (IM) are in a position to help people gain control over their lives which would provide for them the information needed to survive in whatever lies in America’s future.

The key to freeing America is to gain control of the media. Does that sound like a daunting task? It is not, and that goal is within our grasp if we would only recognize the possibilities and seize the opportunities.

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The mainstream media (MSM) is dying. They are desperate to destroy the IM because the globalists behind the media curtain are risking the complete loss of absolute control as more and more of the people are beginning to figure out that they are living in a rigged game.

Google Analytics and Alexa Are Rigged Games

Speaking of living and working in a rigged game, the manipulation by Google Analytics/Alexa ratings in which the metrics routinely show the same corresponding dip of ratings across the independent media board which defies believability from a statistics point of view. These are the actions of desperate people, desperately trying to hang on to their stranglehold on the truth.

I have very recently experienced my own personal attack from Google Analytics.  I will use my website, The Common Sense Show, as a case in point. Last month, my metrics revealed that I had a record 1,002,5oo hits in October with 2.4 million page views. Two days ago, I wrote on article on the manipulation of the ratings for the independent media and I registered nearly 35,000 hits with 77,000 page views on November 6th. On November 7th, 2014, I had a total of 11,000 hits with 17,000 page views. I have not experienced such low volume since the third month my website was in existence. This is not just a matter of having a bad day because when I write an article that shows well, as was the case on November 6th, the impact lasts for 2-3 days. Yet, in this last round of an attack upon my website, the number of comments left on the 11,000 hit day (Nov. 7th) was about the same as November 6th. That tells me in actuality that the website probably had the same number of visitors on both days. The artificial manipulation of the numbers is clear and these attacks are not confined to my website. My radio show, by the same name, airing on the Republic Broadcasting Network and John Stadtmiller, will at times experience “technical difficulties” when I am interviewing a whistleblower (e.g.  Dr.David Lewis regarding the EPA) and Dr. Andy Wakefield (CDC whistleblower), I have guests who are knocked off the air and the archival file of these interviews is corrupted as was the case with Lewis and Wakefield.

When I interview high profile guests such as Steve Quayle, it is common to have people to not be able to log on to our live stream despite having plenty of reserve server capacity. I have been knocked off the air, or my guests have been knocked off the air without any corresponding equipment or server failure. And before one would think that these “attacks” are due to equipment issues, broadcasting friends of mine have and are experiencing similar occurrences (e.g. Doug Hagmann, John Moore, Sheila Zilinski, et al.). In short, we are under attack because the MSM is scared to death that we are beginning to make serious inroads into the nation’s market share of radio listeners and website viewers. The globalists, behind the scenes, are very afraid that the population will “wake up” and begin to demand real change from  the criminal enterprise system that we are living under. Hence, we are seeing these kinds of actions from Google Analytics and Alexa.

Soros and Brzezinski Should Be Concerned

Today, the many control the few, much to the detriment of humanity. The majority of us live in the matrix of ignorance as a mere six corporations control 98% of the mainstream media. The powers that be behind the media are not aligned with the principles of individual liberty, nor do they have the people’s best interest at heart. In fact, the opposite is true and what God intended to be, the fulfillment of man’s potentialities, has been subverted by the perverted desires of the few.

The numbers of the MSM are in the proverbial toilet. MSM mainstays, such as Wolf Blitzer (down to 116,000 viewers per show),  are being defeated by many in the Independent media.  Chis Mathews of MSNBC is getting his rear end handed to him by the Independent Media (IM) as his ratings have plummeted to 140,000 viewers per show. Should the IM go after Blitzer’s and

George Noory presently occupies the "Captain's Chair" of late night radio despite the low ratings.
George Noory presently occupies the “Captain’s Chair” of late night radio despite the low ratings.

Mathews’ time slot with alternative programming designed to educate rather than subjugate? Not yet, as Sun Tsu taught, we should attack our enemy where they are the weakest. That means that we in the IM should target the market share for Coast to Coast AM, because nowhere is the MSM bleeding so prevalent as it is with Coast to Coast and George Noory sitting in the Captain’s Chair.

Coast to Coast Is the Barometer of This Media War

When Coast to Coast left the alternative media and became part of the corporate controlled, censored mainstream media, that put the show on the road to life support. 

Art Bell, the all-time King of night time radio sitting in the Captain's chair.
Art Bell, the all-time King of night time radio sitting in the Captain’s chair.

Art Bell used to be the king of night time radio. There has never been anything like him and I believe that there will never be anything like him again. His show was creative and captured much of America’s listening audience’s imagination.  However, when Art sold control of his show to Premiere Networks and ultimately to Clear Channel Communications, Art lost a good portion of his editorial control and Coast to Coast was never the same.

The flow of unadulterated truth was stunted when, first Premiere, and then Clear Channel began to patrol the corridors of over 1300 radio stations in America and censor its content. And except for the glorious brief cup of coffee provided by John B. Wells and his marvelous once a week program on Coast to Coast AM, the show has never been the same and has slipped into the corporate controlled mainstream media status along with George Noory as its Minister of Truth.  Art Bell has retired to Dreamland and John B. Wells scarcely missed a beat as he moved on to found Caravan to Midnight, an early afternoon, subscriber based outlet.  Noory and Clear Channel  were not expecting the backlash to its ratings and archive subscription service very well when they let Wells go as Wells took a large part of the Coast to Coast market share with him. In fact, I wrote two articles on the Wells departure. This brought Noory out from behind his Captain’s Chair as he desperately sought me out by offering chances to be on his show if I would just stop writing about John B. Wells. George Noory finally did catch up with me and we spoke for about 40 minutes.  I was quite clear, that I was going to write what I wanted and when I wanted. Noory actually spoke to my news director, Annie DeRiso, 10 days later at a UFO conference in Scottsdale and she told him I would not compromise on content. These encounters pointed out to me just how vulnerable the MSM show, Coast to Coast, truly is.

Today both Art Bell and John Wells have left Coast and it has been nothing but a ratings slide ever since. Once upon a time, some estimated that Art Bell had somewhere around 6-12 million listeners on any given night. In contrast, Noory’s numbers are a much smaller 275,000 to 300,000 listeners per night.Why are Noory’s numbers in the toilet? Despite the fact that Noory lacks command of some of the critical issues, he has a pleasant on air demeanor. The  reasons Noory’s numbers are in the toilet is because a greater number of people are recognizing censored and controlled programming when they hear it. Art Bell and John B. Wells gave the public a taste of what real investigative journalism looks like.

With Coast to Coast losing market share and its parent company, Clear Channel Communications bleeding money at an ever-increasing rate, why is it that Noory still sits in the Captain’s Chair despite the fact that he and his show are a shell of a bygone era of radio glory? Why is Clear Channel so willing to lose money in order to prop up Noory and Coast to Coast AM? The answer is simple, the globalists view shows like Coast to Coast as an investment, an investment whose purpose is masquerade as an investigative journalism show while perpetuating the status quo through extreme censorship. If anyone doubts the veracity of this claim, just ask John B. Wells.

Taking Control of the Media

The IM’s assault upon the MSM needs to start with grabbing what’s left of the market share of Coast to Coast. What is needed is a station manager, or network owner who will find the right person who has a good on air demeanor and a command of the critical issues that George Noory does not. This visionary enterprise then should place this person in a time slot opposite Coast to Coast and air real programming that matters to the public instead of doing the Coast to Coast shows in which the audience is forced hear camp fire stories about chasing ghosts around the garden.

Who would this upstart in broadcasting be? He should be fairly well known, possess a following the same on air demeanor of George Noory, but unlike Noory,  he should have complete command of the issues. This might cause Clear Channel to bleed out and 1300 stations would be up for grabs who are presently controlled by the Clear Channel censors.

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Who will be the next to occupy the Captain's chair?

The visionary program director would target affiliates in direct competition to Coast to Coast.  The sea change would occur and the IM could own the night. Once the IM owns the night, then the more vulnerable shows at CNN, Fox, et al., would be next and we could set about the business of “Freeing America One Enslaved Mind At A Time” as we take back the media.

All we need is a visionary network/station and that might be a lot closer than you think. And we need to find the right person who is not afraid to challenge Noory and Clear Channel.

Dave Hodges is the Editor and Host of The Common Sense Show.