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As the Democratic Party and their eclectic groups of liberal/Progressive supporters stumble about bloodied and dazed through the debris of their ideological wreckage resulting from the colossal ‘voter quake’ that swept across our nation not even a week ago during the 2014 midterm elections, I’m heartened to see the diverse infusion of ‘new blood‘ into the Republican Party that hopefully will usher in some much needed change to this status quo of RINO fossils who currently dominate the GOP establishment and have overstayed their welcome by several decades too many. Perhaps as Americans in this present era of our country’s history, we have the privilege of witnessing the beginning phase of a transitional restoration back to the fundamental principles of what our government ‘of the people, by the people and for the people’ was always meant to be since its inception by a superior breed of men than these usurping grifters we have in either Party occupying government today.

Yet setting aside the sanguine possibilities and potential of this symbolic repudiation of an ideology having more in common with 20th century Nazi Germany than 21st century America (which has had me referring to them as the Nazicratic Party on more than one occassion), as the dust settles around shell shocked Democrats and their acolytes, standing and casting a long shadow across their demolished political ambitions and aspirations is the architect responsible for their overwhelming downfall: Barack Hussein Obama. 

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Looking back along the destructive path this man has left in his wake over these last six years and you can’t help wondering what these people were even thinking. That there was no shortage of the many headlines leading up to the midterm elections detailing how Democrat incumbents were trying to distance themselves from their token negro in the White House, this demonstrated a shameless desperation that was pathetic when you consider that most, if not all of these Democrat incumbents were right there in the thick of things alongside Obama, lying straight through their teeth to the American peoples faces for years when it came to the ‘if you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan‘ and the ‘if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor‘ deception they KNOWINGLY perpetrated. Obamacare is the largest case of unconstitutionally legislated criminal fraud and extortion to ever be committed by a sitting president and his political Party against the American population in the history of the United States. So while Obama can be credited for leading the Democrats to political ruin, at the end of the day it was still a ‘group effort’ that Democratic Party members went into with eyes wide open.

And that’s not even mentioning Obama and Democrats recurrent penchant for flagrantly placing the American peoples safety and national security in constant jeopardy to advance their subversive political agendas. Since Obama’s black though, then by today’s inverted politically correct standards (and its vicious evisceration of common sense), that apparently makes all of their calculated criminality okay.

Corruption. Criminality. Lawlessness. These qualities don’t discriminate based on color. Why then should we sidestep accountability to accommodate these qualities based on color?!? What sort of historic significance can be salvaged anymore to credit Barack Hussein Obama for being America’s first black president following this spectacular  midterm Democrat beatdown. To argue that Obama can’t be held accountable because he’s black is as racist as anyone saying Obama needs to thrown out of office because he’s black. Those who would argue against Obama being held accountable for his chronic malfeasance and criminal negligence and defend their position on the stated basis that anyone who doesn’t agree with them are racist is an expression of a profound defect and deficiency in rationality, common sense and reason. But then unbridled bedlam and racial division (not to mention a capacious serving of entropy) seem to be the defining hallmarks of this contemptible mans presidency and his self-declared ‘fundamental transformation‘.

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What Obama has been allowed to get away with so far to date is staggering when you try to encompass everything into a list of just his sundry scandals alone. Scandals which run the gamut of political corruption and dereliction of duty all the way up to and including homicidal criminal negligence. You can argue against the latter until you’re blue in the face, but as far as I’m concerned Obama has hundreds of corpses strewn throughout the landfill of his presidency to lend substantive credence to this allegation. Simply because we have lawmakers in Washington too adherent to the cowardly strictures of political correctness to possess any courage necessary to make this assertion themselves doesn’t make it any less valid.

~”This was a skunking of the Democrat Party. This was the people of America “standing athwart history and yelling, ‘Stop!'” There’s only one entity that can do that, and that’s the Republican Party. They were not elected to “get along.” They were not elected to “reach across the aisle.”

They were not elected to “compromise.” They were not elected to “end gridlock.” They were elected to stop the policies of Barack Obama and the Democrat Party.”~    Rush Limbaugh


Yet despite my pleasure over the Democrats midterm decimation and this infusion of new blood into the Republican Party, that pleasure is tempered with the knowledge that we still have these archaic relics of the GOP establishment holding the reins of power. My chief concern is that these RINO relics are going to capitulate and concede to left-wing pressure and typical Democrat political chicanery. A concern that was sparked by an article link I’d came across on Drudge the day before the Democratic midterm massacre had taken place, that detailed a comment Tom Brokaw made during an appearance on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, where Brokaw questioned that if the GOP wins the Senate, what are they prepared to give Democrats. My initial response to Brokaw’s conjecture when I’d read that was ‘the back of their hands’. That and several arrests, indictments, and prosecutions, but I’m a realist and understand after everything I’ve seen take place in Obama’s America for six years running that our nation’s rule of law no longer has puissance to oversee actual justice anymore. It just can’t when you have the lunatics running the asylum.

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I hope these RINO relics stand firm and choose instead to give Democrats a taste of their own medicine for a change. I doubt Obamacare will cover that.

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Now almost a week later and it has become patently obvious that the Democrats monumental defeat has only made Obama even more petulantly defiant against the will of the people than he already was previously. This has many fearing what more he’ll strive to get away with during the remaining two years of his second term. Fears which have many people’s anxieties focused on the matter of Obama’s stated promise to decree executive amnesty by the end of the year


When you think about it,  in his own way Obama is to America what run amok terrorists have become to Ferguson, Missouri. Barack Hussein Obama has literally taken our entire country hostage and he has used his race as the principle means to do it with. A fact lending substance to this perceived notion millions around the country believe exists that being black is now an entitlement to grant a free pass and justify the worst kinds of criminal and base behavior solely because of a specific skin pigmentation. It really is enough to give any intelligently reasoning person a migraine and more than likely has Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spinning in his grave.

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But yet another of the many bright sides to this Democratic Party apocalypse is that we can take immense satisfaction in knowing that obstructionist Harry Reid’s reign of political sophistry and legerdemain is FINALLY over in the Senate. I guess you could say this midterm election was the American peoples opportunity to show Reid who exactly it is they believe are the actual ‘domestic terrorists‘ in this country and ironically they happen to be those who had their asses handed to them in the November 4th midterm elections.

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