The Ohio Democratic Party has been accused of racism by a member of their own party.  State Rep John E Barnes has accused the Democratic party and former head of the party, Chris Redfern, of racism.  Redfern relinquished control of the Ohio Democratic party after the democrats lost all state offices and near historic losses in the state legislature.  Rep Barnes said that the Ohio Democratic party comes down hard on any black legislator who refuses to remain on the plantation and participate in monolithic voting practices.

Barnes said he angered Redfern when he worked with Ohio Republican John Kasich to expand Medicaid in the state and his refusal to join the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus.  Barnes said that he refused to join the Caucus because of the number of members who have been charged with crimes over the last two years.  He felt their lack of a moral compass would rub off on him and besides he prefers to use his vote for the betterment of his constituents rather than his party.

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During the last election, the Ohio Democratic party distributed literature for his primary opponent that was  claiming Barnes voted with Kasich more than 75% of the time, cut funding for schools, blocked Medicaid for the poor and disenfranchised voters.  For the record, Barnes voted the Democratic Party line 94% of the time.

Barnes says he was also retaliated against when he suggested that the lack of blacks in party leadership positions could be racial.  All of these items have prompted Barnes to file suit against Redfern and the state democratic party.

If the trial is on Pay Per View, I’ll fork over the money gladly to watch it.

Courtesy of Red Statements.