“To those members of Congress who question my authority to make our immigration system work better, or question the wisdom of me acting where Congress has failed, I have one answer: Pass a bill.” -Barack Obama, Thursday November 20, 2014

Really Mr. President? Is that how you are going to continue to play this game?

For those who haven’t been paying attention, this is all political and always has been. There was no mention, by Obama, of the latest debacle of just under two weeks ago. This was the White House attempting to “cooperate” with the new majority party as reported by S-L:

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This luncheon was never meant to bring about cooperation. It was strictly a photo op. Theater. What Obama says he never does.

Republicans attending the post-election lunch at Mr. Obama’s invitation said they asked him for more time to work on immigration legislation, but the president said his patience was running out.

Who cares about his patience? He is not king or dictator. Under our system of government Congress creates legislation. The President simply signs it or vetoes it. And then enforces the laws as they are written. Our patience has run out on his refusal to follow the Constitution.

It was reported that Obama cut Joe Biden off when the Vice President attempted to ask Republicans how much more time they needed.

This has nothing to do with congress not acting.

Are they slow?

Yes they are, just as they were when Obama was part of the team, but they did intend to act. Not much has changed and a former congressman should know how it works.

Thursday Night was about politics and theatrics as usual. Obama is a President with a wounded ego who is trying desperately to lead in spite of very little support from either the public or his own party.

It shows.

How do you lead when no one wants to follow?


You rule by decree.

You don’t ask people to follow. You order them to follow.

Barack Obama is out of control and acting more like a King than an elected representative of the people. Thursday Night’s Executive Amnesty announcement was just the latest example of a president who has zero regard for The Constitution.

RT reports:

The plan will include a temporary reprieve from deportation for as many as 5 million undocumented immigrants ‒ which includes parents and spouses of US citizens and permanent residents who have been in the country for at least five years. Those people may also be made eligible for work permits, but will not have a path to citizenship. Officials said the eligible immigrants will not be entitled to federal benefits ‒ including health care tax credits, food stamps, Medicaid coverage or other need-based federal programs ‒ under Obama’s plan.

Not entitled to federal benefits?

Bull sh**. Maybe they are not technically “entitled” but that won’t stop them from receiving them.

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Why would it be any different than it is now? There is nothing stopping illegal immigrants from abusing the system now and that is not going to change. It is fact that most immigrants, legal or illegal, are part of our welfare state. That will not change just because Obama says it will. That would require that he and the executive branch begin to enforce the laws instead of trying to create new laws.

The President has no authority to step around Congress. They are the legislative branch. He is supposed to enforce the laws that they create. That’s what the executive branch does.

What is wrong with this picture?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Well, it seems Sheriff Joe Arpaio shares that concern. Shortly after Barack Obama unraveled his Executive Amnesty plan, for up to 5 million illegals, Arpaio made his own announcement.

ABC-15 Arizona reports:

Moments after President Barack Obama unveiled his plan for immigration reform through executive action , Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said he will be filing a lawsuit claiming the order is unconstitutional.

Arpaio watched the President’s speech in the ABC15 studios and spoke with Anchor Steve Irvin about his reaction to the President’s plan.

Arpaio is not camera shy and this was obviously very well promoted and planned, but…

At least he is doing something. What will our congressional leaders do?


Don’t make me laugh.

Arpaio is simply doing what we should all strive to do. He is trying to do something to make up for the lack of vertebrates that we have in Washington D.C.

Below is a video of Arpaio’s comments.

Hats off to Sheriff Joe. He might not get the results that any of us desire, only time will tell, but in today’s political arena we should at least applaud the effort.