This is a pattern. A sick, depraved pattern. Last year a Muslim cleric ‘damned to hell’ our fallen soldiers — at a funeral for our fallen soldiers. Family members of Navy SEALs who died on duty in Afghanistan were there and said that an Islamic cleric “damned” the servicemens’ bodies at their memorial ceremony.

And now this. A devout Muslim sheikh who believes that Muslims who make al hijrah, immigrate to non-Muslim countries, do so to spread Islam “based on the divine,” the American approach to spreading democracy “is based on greed.”

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“What justifies us living in America, other than trying to convey the Message?” he asked rhetorically.

“Wherever the American troops are — wherever they are, they are going to be defeated.”

This is who is praying at the memorial of the beheaded in the cause of Islamic imperialism and conquest.

sheikh jihad

“Sheikh Who Cheered Killing US Soldiers to Pray at Funeral of Hostage Beheaded by ISIS,”
Daniel Greenfield, Front Page Magazine, November 21, 2014

This is a sick disgusting and tragic story.

Peter Kassig was a ex-Ranger who, like so many of the other hostages, was betrayed by Muslims he trusted into ISIS custody. He converted to Islam as a hostage and his parents have continued the farce of calling him Abdul Rahman.


Now one of America’s enemies has been invited to pray over his funeral.

Sheikh Muhammad Al-Yaquobi, former preacher of the Grand Umayyad Mosque of Damascus, and one of the fiercest opponents of the terrorist group ISIS, will be leading funeral and Friday prayers at the Al-Huda Foundation in Fishers, Indiana over the soul of Abdulrahman Kassig, also known as Peter. Kassig, an aid worker who left his comfortable life in America to help the Syrian people, was brutally beheaded by terrorists of ISIS this week. Kassig’s parents, family, and friends will be in attendance at the prayer.

Who is Sheikh Muhammad Al-Yaquobi? Here he is in LA.

Al-Yaqoubi, who is considered a moderate, spoke approvingly of jihad in the battlefield, of “fighting in order to liberate your country, as the Iraqis are doing.” (Asked about this afterward, he told me that it is natural to fight against an invading army. As to why Arabs so rarely rise up against their own Arab oppressors, he said it was un-Islamic to use violence against a local government.)

From the pulpit, al-Yaqoubi claimed that the early Muslims who came to countries like Egypt and Syria and Iraq and North Africa did so “not to occupy land, but to liberate people who were oppressed by their governments.” As for spreading Islam by force, he said, Americans should understand the concept better than anyone, since “America feels she has the right to impose democracy all over the world” and “to throw away governments that don’t agree with her policy.” But whereas the desire to disseminate Islam “is based on the divine,” the American approach to spreading democracy “is based on greed.”

Having said that, al-Yaqoubi once again took a more conciliatory approach. “This doesn’t mean that we are going to practice jihad in America. We have to show our neighbors respect. We love people around the world and want them to become Muslims.”

Most intriguing of all, perhaps, were al-Yaqoubi’s remarks about the role of the Muslim immigrant in the West. While many Muslims have come here to earn money and live a better life, he said, they can justify their decision to live in a materialistic, non-Islamic country by acting as messengers for Allah. “What justifies us living in America, other than trying to convey the Message?” he asked rhetorically.

The sermon built to an impassioned, rapid-fire crescendo, in which, almost shouting, al-Yaqoubi seemed to divide jihad into foreign and domestic spheres, with appropriate action for each. “Wherever the American troops are — wherever they are, they are going to be defeated,” he yelped. But “here in this country,” he instructed Muslims to “leave jihad to those who are fighting jihad,” and “work peacefully” to represent Islam.

There’s no ambiguity here. al-Yaqoubi is an enemy of the United States. His Jihad is slightly more subtle than ISIS. That’s it.

He spoke openly of rejecting freedom of religion and terrorizing the West in response to Muslim Cartoonophobia.

This is why the West now has more courage, especially with these wrong and false ideals like freedom of religion’ or ‘freedom of expression’. In Islam I do not allow under the banner of ‘freedom of expression’ someone to come and curse or insult a Prophet of Allah (swt).

Now the West has crossed every red line in respect of norms and ethics and I don’t think Muslims should tolerate this. If you’re asking me about how to react, how to respond, I believe we should show the highest angry level of response.

Denmark isn’t really a big country, and so we could have taught the West a great lesson, and every other country, that we don’t fear any country that follows the same pattern and that they will get the same treatment from the Islamic world.

Peter Kassig’s parents have tragically betrayed their country, their culture and their civilization. They have become tools in the hands of the ideology that murdered their son.

Courtesy of Pamela Geller.