“We’re going to do wateva the fuk we need & want to do”

rbg black rebels

A militant group that previously offered a cash reward for locating Officer Darren Wilson is threatening to launch “war” on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri in response to Wilson’s acquittal.

RbG Black Rebels – a group which describes itself as an “urban militia” – posted a tweet which threatens to activate “war plans” in response to the verdict. A separate tweet suggests that the group is prepared to go to any lengths to express its fury at the verdict.

The group hit the headlines last week when it offered a $5,000 cash reward for information leading to the location of Officer Wilson. “We just wana get his photo an ask him a few questions,” stated the tweet, with the organization insisting it was not putting a bounty on Wilson’s head.

However, in a separate tweet, the group explained that ammunition “will solve a lot of problems.”

Meanwhile, some protesters in Ferguson are threatening to rape and murder the wives and children of police officers in Ferguson.

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