Death threats against police officer flood Twitter

A deluge of Michael Brown supporters have took to Twitter to express their desire to “kill Darren Wilson”.

Following the announcement of this week’s Grand Jury decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of 18-year-old Brown, users of the social networking website vented their fury by openly calling for Wilson’s death, or even promising to do the deed themselves.

One feminist even changed her profile display name to read “Kill Darren Wilson”.

Another user wanted to see someone kill Wilson’s entire family.

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A user called @FarrahFang also voiced the opinion that Wilson, or any white cop for that matter, should be killed to “make a statement.”


Musician Kool A.D., who has 26,000 followers, also got in on the act.


Others expressed a wish to see Wilson murdered or to carry out the act themselves.


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According to Twitter’s terms of service, content which advocates “violence against other people” is prohibited, although none of the accounts calling for the murder of Officer Wilson have been terminated.

While leftist media outlets like Salon have blasted conservatives for “sick” tweets which merely express support for the Grand Jury’s verdict, no attention has been given to any of the death threats being issued by Michael Brown supporters.

Meanwhile, in a video shot by MRCTV, protesters in Washington DC openly expressed their support for violent demonstrators in Ferguson who looted black-owned businesses and burned down buildings.

In a related development, the Associated Press reports that numerous eyewitness statements provided after the shooting that created “hands up, don’t shoot” myth behind Michael Brown were found to be “inconsistent, fabricated or provably wrong” during the Grand Jury trial.

Watch the video below to learn how the entire Michael Brown issue has been spun by the political establishment and the media.

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