Illegal Aliens are laughing at Americans they expect to support them

Barack Obama killed the compromise tax bill that republicans and democrats agreed to in congress because it didn’t contain valuable tax breaks he wanted for his fellow illegal aliens.  Harry Reid and Dave Camp had been working on a tax bill that would extend tax breaks that need to renew every few years.  Republicans are not willing to agree to Earned Income Tax Credits for illegal aliens.  This is a definite sign that republicans plan to defund Obama’s illegal alien program.

The republicans and democrats had played nice on these routine tax items and each side gave in to a demand or two from the other side and some tax breaks which are considered wasteful were to be cut.  The fact that both Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer were willing to negotiate fairly gave hope that the bill would pass until Obama found out it would trash his “No Illegal Alien Left Behind” program.  He promptly promised to veto the bill unless republicans allowed the illegal aliens to get huge chunks of taxpayer money.  At that point the negotiations practically stopped as republican leaders refused to give in.  (I’m beginning to be modestly optimistic.)

The vast majority of the illegal immigrants are in the lower income bracket making them eligible for tax refunds of $3305 if they have one child and $5460 if the have two.  And each additional child adds even more money.  That’s on top of the $1000 child credit.  That means a family of illegal aliens with two children would get $7460 even if they didn’t earn enough to pay one penny in taxes.  That’s ludicrous and not even Reid or Schumer were promoting those breaks for illegal aliens.

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Obama has no one to blame but himself.  If he had held up trying to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, a deal may have been reached before anyone realized the ramifications.

Thanks, Barry.  Sometimes you being a moron is a good thing.

Courtesy of Red Statements.