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For those who may theorize that there are/were some unknown forces behind the spread of destruction, hate and violence in Ferguson, the below video may further vindicate your feelings. Though it is unclear who the people in the video are, it is fairly clear that they are an organized group, arguably of those who were hired to protect Ferguson businesses and not destroy them. 

After one individual throws what appears to be some sort of incendiary device into a vacant automobile, it is natural to question whether this group had anything to do with the burning of the adjacent Advance Auto Parts store which was also lost in Monday Night’s destruction.

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This is one of the businesses on W. Florissant Avenue. The majority of the businesses that were destroyed were on this street. So could this group of paramilitary be responsible for setting multiple fires in Ferguson?

Does this look like a group of common thugs?

Or are you of the opinion that this is a more organized group?

Note: This is a replacement video. The video we originally posted was removed just minutes after this article was published. This video contains the same footage but is a little longer, 10 minutes instead of 5, and contains more commentary.



The video has gained some interesting comments from YouTube users. (Editor’s Note: Comments are from originally posted video and not the replacement video we are now using.) One user, claiming to be Ex-Swat boldly theorizes:

I am ex SWAT that was a flash bang grenade tossed into the car. They can cause fire we were repelling once in training and a joker thought it would be funny to throw it into the small space they encased the stairs. Bad idea it blew a splinter off the wall into another officers leg they are not a toy. If these police security team what ever they were set those cars and buildings. They should be charged with arson. If you are a crook behind a badge instigator getting people to burn and riot you need to go to prison.


Others are not as convinced:

I see an unknown squad shining a flashlight thru a car’s side window and a distant bang.  No flames (in the car), no breaking of the glass and no one looking away from what you propose is a flashbang.  The building certainly appears to be the same as the one shown burned out- same lamppost, curb-guards and neighboring building.  Those stains in the parking spaces shown post-fire are obviously oil stains- it is a repair shop after all, and one would hardly expect half a dozen people decided to part there after the squad moved thru. The white pick-up, shown untouched after the fire can clearly be seen, in the same spot, in the squad footage and not parked afterwards as you suggest. Who took this footage and why did they pan away at the moment you say the car fire was started?  Would have been a great piece of smoking gun evidence had the camera stayed on subject.  All you have here is some crappy footage of some pigs looking in someone’s car.


Though I wholly appreciate the cynicism, one can’t deny that, whether this video caught “smoking gun evidence”, or not, something across the street is already on fire (seen in reflections) and Advance Auto Parts would soon suffer the same fate. So, even if this was a simple case of cops or security shining a flashlight in a car window, something would soon happen to the auto parts store that they are standing in front of.

The video is not definitive proof of anything but does raise some doubt. I think it is important to point out that private security firms have been hired in Ferguson over the past few months. One of those firms tweeted verification of that back in August:

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If Ferguson, part of the St. Louis Metro area, is indeed their “own city,” I am not sure why they can’t spell it. Regardless, this Tweet was passed around the web in many articles and I have no reason to believe that they are not who they say they are, but I did feel the need to point that out.

Also of note, the Infowars team led by Sgt. Joe Biggs took pictures of a covert military outfit in the area, just days before the above video was shot:

Former Army Staff Sergeant and Infowars reporter Joe Biggs, who has carried out multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, reports that the men appeared to be undercover operatives, possibly from Delta Force, due to the way they conducted themselves and their inconspicuous attire.

The operatives arrived in Ferguson in vehicles with North Carolina license plates, which is interesting because Delta Force is stationed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

One should not discount other organized but known agitators in the area. For instance, The New Black Panthers have been in the headlines lately with multiple arrests and accusations of a bombing and assassination plot involving two Ferguson officials.

Again, we don’t know who was caught in this video footage but they do appear to be well armed and organized.

So what are your thoughts?