Josiah Lamb

On a Fourth of July weekend, 12-year-old Josiah Lamb was driving a jet ski. He was gunning it, whipping the jet ski around at high speed, not seeing that the boat was heading straight for a thin blue boatline.

A few seconds before the boat hit the rope, Josiah saw the sky lit up with huge Angels carrying flaming swords. He heard what he believes to be the voice of God telling him: “Put your hand up, Josiah.”

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So Josiah did as he was told.

The boatline hit Josiah right on his neck.

The boy’s neck was torn open, bubbles and blood were coming out….

Josiah was taken to ER and put in a coma for 24 hours.

Josiah broke two fingers of his left hand and injured his left arm.

His doctors said if Josiah had not lifted up his arm at the very last second before impact, the rope would have decapitated him.

H/t In God’s Company

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